The Sopranos 1x11 - Nobody Knows Anything 英文筆記

  • A-list 最喜愛的人的名單,跟 black list 相反。
    例:Debbie, you gotta put her on the A-list.
  • Willie Shoemaker 美國騎師
  • homestretch 最後一段跑道、最後階段
  • Mop 'N Glo 清潔用品品牌
  • dermatologist 皮膚科醫生
  • rail 樓梯扶手、欄桿
  • bust up 打碎、突擊、破壞
    例:If I wanted to bust up card games, I'd have a doughnut in my mouth.
  • potluck 家常便飯
  • raid 襲擊、突擊、搜捕
    例:I think it was a potluck raid.
  • out of breath Ving 做什麼事喘不過氣
    例:He's out of breath lifting his dick to take a leak.
  • Your ears must be ringing.
    我們常說打噴涕代表有人正在說你壞話,但美國人並不是說打噴涕,而是說耳鳴。所以 your ears must be ringing 就是在告訴某人:我們正在談論你,你的耳朵一定正在響吧。
  • riot 搞笑的人或物
    例:You guys are such a riot.
  • draw straws 抽籤,通常用吸管做為籤,看誰抽到唯一一支較短的吸管。
    例:We were gonna draw straws to see who's gonna bail you out.
  • strangle 勒死
    例:I nearly strangled her on the ride home.
  • throw out 丟掉、扭到、扭傷
    例:I threw my back out again.
  • dash 衝撞、衝刺
  • charity 慈善
    例:You're not doing charity work, remember?
  • blinder (馬的) 眼罩、眩目的人或物
  • cut a deal 談生意、協調
    例:He was in a federal building, cutting a deal.
  • resisting arrest 拒捕
  • low-ball 很便宜的、價錢很低的
    例:Who walks away from a thing like that with low-ball bail?
  • open house 在家舉辦非正式、歡迎所有人來的聚會
  • negative attention-getting 用負面情緒 (如生氣) 來吸引別人的注意
  • gather dust 因太久沒使用而生灰塵
    例:This piano has been gathering dust here for three months.
  • tub = bathtub
    例:I'm thinking about going home, sitting in the tub.
  • be not oneself 身體或心理有問題
    例:There's something wrong with him. He's not himself.
  • easy mark = sitting duck 容易瞄準的目標、易受騙的對象
  • Percs 藥物品牌
  • pool cue = cue stick = pool stick 撞球桿
  • front line 第一線、前線
    例:This doctor works on the Jets front line when they get hurt.
  • Jonas Salk 沙賓小兒麻痺口服疫苗 (Salk vaccine) 的發明人
  • CAT scan 電腦斷層掃瞄
  • safe 保險箱
  • pending doom 即將來臨的災難
  • interfere with sth. 干擾
    例:Every time I offer my opinion about any of your friends it seems to interfere with our therapy.
  • burden sth. 施壓於、加重量
    例:Psychologically, a secret is a heavy load. It leads to feelings of guilt, which further burden the mind.
  • badge 徽章、警徽
  • pisser 惹人生氣的人
  • getaway 逃離、逃走 (名詞)
  • pocketful 一口袋的、很多的
  • shitfaced 喝醉酒的
  • They have absolutely no class, and they're always on the hustle. 他們不僅沒品味,而且總是草草了事。
  • ricotta 一種義大利起士
  • Are you wearing makeup? 你化了妝?
  • cholesterol 膽固醇
  • low-fat 低脂的
  • disrespectful 不尊重的
    例:I don't care if you think it's disrespectful, but I want you to cut the drama.
  • shut-in 被圍住的、被監禁的、病痛纏身的人
  • check up on sth. 檢查、拜訪
    例:He can't check up on me once in a while?
  • hint at sth. 暗示
    例:I know what you're hinting at.
  • can't carry one's socks 連替誰提鞋子都不配
    例:Junior couldn't carry Johnny's socks.
  • blacken 抹黑
  • get mixed up with sb. 跟誰有一腿
    例:Do you think I'd blacken my Johnny's memory by getting mixed up with his brother?
  • beached 上岸的、擱淺的,例:beached whale。
  • withdrawal 名詞,領錢、收回、退回、戒除 (某種藥物上癮)。
    例:I figured you'd be having a cannoli withdrawal by now.
  • Stop & Shop 美國的大賣場
  • astronomy 天文
  • take up space 佔空間、佔有一席之地
    例:- You dad tells me you're taking astronomy in college. - No, business. - How come he keeps saying you're taking up space in school?
  • get hooked on sth. 上癮
    例:I think I'm getting hooked on these painkillers.
  • painkiller 止痛藥
  • walk into walls 走路都會撞牆,表示精神不好,昏昏沉沉。
    例:I've been walking into walks all week.
  • stripe 條紋、軍服上用來代表軍階的 V 字臂章
    例:You waited a long time for the stripes. 你為了這個位置 (階級) 等了好久。
  • perk 津貼、外快、振作、活躍
  • strap 捆、紮、皮帶、用皮帶鞭打
    例:I want you to see that fucking wire strapped on his body. Otherwise, all bets are off. 我要你親眼看到他身上纏著竊聽器,否則就取消計劃。
  • all bets are off 取消所有計劃、之前說的都不算
  • Mario Lanza 40~50 年代的美國男高音
  • half-assed 事情做一半的、不完整的、草率的、隨便的
  • tenor 男高音;baritone 男中音;bass 男低音
  • escrow 給第三方 (escrow company) 持有的契約文件,go into escrow 表示交易 (通常是房屋交易) 快完成了。
  • aqua therapy 水療
  • bathing suit 泳裝
  • Neptune 海王星
  • counteroffer 反提議、還價
  • rubdown 按摩、馬沙雞
  • schvitz 俄國的三溫暖
  • sauna 蒸汽浴
  • no-no 嚴禁、不可以做的事
    例:My doctor mentioned stream and sauna specifically as no-noes.
  • with a capital A/B/C/... 強調某個單字字首是大寫的,表示「非常」或「真的」。
    例:He's into Pussy, big. And I mean with a capital B. 他欠 Pussy 很多錢,不是普通的多。
  • be into sb. 欠誰的錢
  • Pussy must be burying this prick in vig alone. Pussy 光用利息就可以淹死他了。
  • If my vote counts for anything, ... 如果我說的話算數…
  • get the show on the road 開始、著手、上路、登場
  • superfecta 一種賭博方式,排出前四名的選手。
  • in question 考慮中的、討論中的
  • administrative leave 暫時停職但留薪,用法通常是 be placed on administrative leave。
  • hearing 聽證會
    例:A spokesman says that the officer in question will be placed on administrative leave, pending the outcome of the hearing set for this morning.
  • bordello = whorehouse 妓院
  • light years behind 落後很多
    例:This country is light years behind the rest of the world. Most civilized countries have legalized prostitution.
  • Monica Lewinsky 柯林頓外遇的對象
  • punishable offense 應被懲罰的罪過
    例:I don't think sex should be a punishable offense.
  • did / take a header 一頭栽入、一頭跳下去
    例:The jerk did a header off the Route 1 bridge.
  • jam 困難、困境
    例:He helped me out of a lot of jams.
  • straw 稻草、導火線
  • have sb. in one's corner 支持、站在自己這邊
    例:As long as he had you in his corner, there was nothing to worry about.
  • know where one stand 知道自己所扮演的角色、知道自己身在何處
    例:At least with Tony Soprano, you know where you stand.
  • mohair 安哥拉山羊 (Angora goat) 毛
  • shoe lift = shoe insert 鞋墊
  • pleurisy 胸膜炎,劇中 Junior 把複數 (plural) 講成一種疾病 (pleurisy)。
  • safe house 避難或藏匿用的房子
  • joint 房子、地方、地盤
    例:I told him the pool table was there when I first rented the joint.
  • calling 職業
    例:You missed your calling. You should've been a lawyer.
  • put the screws on / to 施壓
    例:They were putting the screws to me like I was a school kid.
  • conspiracy 同謀、陰謀
  • lasagna 義大利菜,焗烤多層片狀的義大利粉。
  • off the hook 從困境中解脫、逃離陷阱
    例:I gotta show my face or they'll think they're off the hook.
  • get sth. crossed 搞錯
    例:Makazian's guy got his facts crossed.
  • jump the gun 槍還沒響就起跑、太早開始
  • appliance 用具、設備,例:kitchen appliance。
  • loading dock 貨車卸貨處
  • Braun 家電品牌
  • line up 整隊、排隊、備妥
    例:I already lined up childcare, so I don't want to hear it.
  • bump up 擴大、小程度地放大、升職
    例:I may be getting bumped up, a notch or two!
  • on one's way out 外出、出局
    例:Tony Soprano's on his way out, and I mean as in "forever."
  • breathe a word 洩密
    例:If you breathe a word of this to anybody, they're gonna be burying me and you right next to Tony Soprano.
  • belittle = denigrate = derogate 輕視、貶低
    例:You don't belittle a man like Junior Soprano.
  • cunt lap 幫女人口交、jerk、mama's boy
  • add insult to injury 火上加油、激怒別人使得情況更糟糕
    例:To add insult to injury, he was planning a move against Junior!
  • brew 釀造、沖泡、煮


The Sopranos 1x10 - A Hit Is a Hit 英文筆記

  • hinky 猜疑的、緊張的
  • refried beans 一道用豆泥做的墨西哥菜
  • Pablo Escobar 哥倫比亞大毒梟
  • carton 紙箱、紙盒
  • small bill 面額較小的鈔票
  • token 象徵、紀念品、意思意思的
    例:This is just a little token of my appreciation for recommending Dr. Melfi.
  • Montecristo 雪茄品牌,也是一個義大利的小島。
  • dreamy 夢想的、夢幻的
  • referral 推薦、介紹
    例:I'm a doctor. I make referrals all the time.
  • no biggie 沒什麼大不了
  • come by 取得、經過
    例:I bet these were hard to come by.
  • putter 推桿 (高爾夫球)
  • golf course 高爾夫球場
  • wicked 壞的、邪惡的,口語上可表「非常」,相當於 very 或 really。
  • back nine 高爾夫球場的最後九洞
  • live off 依靠什麼為生
    例:He lived off his parents.
  • IPO = Initial Public Offering 企業首次發行股票的過程
  • Jacuzzi 按摩浴缸的品牌,也可指「大型按摩浴缸」。
    之前的相關字:whirlpool jets
  • weepy 哭哭啼啼的、淚汪汪的
  • loft 閣樓、頂樓
  • hum 哼 (歌)、嗡嗡聲
    例:I'm humming the scenery.
  • welfare (社會) 福利、幸福
    例:Whose welfare check you gotta cash to get a burger around here?
  • breast-feed 哺乳、照顧嬰兒
  • rugrat 還在學走路的嬰兒 (有貶意)
  • stretch mark 皮膚上像被鞭打的紋路,如:妊娠紋。
  • hairnet 髮網,戴在頭上以防頭髮掉到食物上。
  • bold statement 大膽、勇敢的話
    例:Bold men make bold statements.
  • converted rice 改造米,因為事先煮過,所以只要泡熱水就可以吃了。
    其他相關字:brown rice 糙米、white rice 白米
  • burger basket 漢堡餐,因為薯條等其他配菜都裝在一個小籃子裡,所以叫 basket。
  • Black Eyed Peas 黑眼豆豆
  • crib 嬰兒床
  • sight to behold 形容一個東西很特別 (美、醜或噁心),值得一看。
    例:Isn't that a sight to behold?
  • firearm 槍
  • F-note F 音符,音符稱為 musical note。
  • quasi 類似的
  • seminal 精液的、生殖的、原創的
    例:Two seminal hit records was his legacy.
  • oldie 老歌、老片、老人
  • a long line of 一長排的
    例:He's just another in a long line of white motherfuckers stealing royalties from the black man that made him the money in the first place.
  • OG = original gangster
  • lawn jockey 穿著賽馬服的小人像,草地上常見的裝飾品。
  • Alec Baldwin 美國演員
  • moldy 陳腐的、發黴的
  • bankroll 資助
  • drum machine 模擬鼓的電子樂器
  • dropout 被退學的學生、中輟生
  • chairman of the board 董事長
  • brochure = booklet = leaflet = pamphlet 小冊子
  • sum up 總結
    例:That really sums it up.
  • We had our little phase. 我們有過一段感情。
  • defiler = polluter 汙染者、汙染源
  • headbanging 搖頭的 (舞或音樂)
    例:I'm into that headbanging music.
  • hair band = glam metal band 一種重金屬搖滾樂團
  • ego 自尊、自負、自我意識,big ego 表示很自我的人。
  • flavor 味道、氣味、氣氛
  • gelding 去勢的人或動物
  • the other way around = vice versa 反之亦然
    例:Did you write the music and him the lyrics or was it the other way around?
  • target audience 目標對象 (消費者或觀眾)
  • mounted cop 騎警
  • MAC 10 一種小型機關槍
  • pillage 搶劫、掠奪
  • hard-nosed = practical 實際的、現實的
  • ghetto 隔都,少數民族的集聚區。如二戰時猶太人的隔離區稱為 Jewish ghetto。
  • stroll 散步、漫步、流浪
  • Memory Lane 回憶、往事
    例:Ordinarily I'd be more than happy to stroll down Memory Lane with you, but It's reparations that I seek.
  • reparation 賠償
  • silent partner 秘密合夥人、隱名股東
  • airplay 在電視或收音機上播放
  • fizzy 發出嘶嘶聲的、起泡沫的
  • mogul 大人物、重要的人物,字首大寫 Mogul 為蒙古人。
  • germane = related 有密切關係的
  • grievance 抱怨、不滿、怨恨
  • Louis B. Mayer 早期的製片,是米高梅 (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, MGM) 的創辦人之一。
  • cashier's check = bank check 銀行開的支票,支票必須在銀行領,而非個人支票簿。
  • put / set the record straight 澄清問題、糾正問題
    例:A cashier's check made to a Mrs. Idella Willis will set the record straight.
  • no neck 胖到看不見脖子的
  • every other 每隔
    例:There's a new car in the driveway every other week. (即每兩週有一部新車)
  • erode 腐蝕、侵蝕
    例:The Sopranos are eroding the neighborhood values.
  • property value = real estate appraisal 房價
  • boardroom 會議室,上司、主管開會的地方。
  • goombah 義大利人 (輕微貶意)
  • Murano glass 一種玻璃飾品
  • Matchbox 20 搖滾樂團
  • personnel 人員、職員
  • mullet 前短後長的髮型
  • miscellaneous 綜合的、混合的、多方面的
  • vise / vice 一種用來固定、夾東西的工具
  • grill 烤、拷問、盤問
  • trout 鮭魚
  • downed 掉下來的、落在地上的
    例:Richie had third-degree burns from trying to grill that trout with a downed power line.
  • sports betting 運動賭博,如 football betting。
  • bore 令人感到無聊的人
  • millionth 百萬分之一,形容極小。
  • wonder bread wop 已經融入美國社區生活的義大利人
  • Sunday gravy = tomato gravy 蕃茄肉醬
  • branch out 擴展 (人際關係)
    例:You seem to want to branch out.
  • phallic 陰莖的、陽物崇拜的
    例:Sausage is a kind of a phallic thing.
  • stockbroker 股票經紀人
  • buyout 買下整個公司的股票來控制它
  • for once 就這一次
    例:It's a beautiful day. Let's not talk business for once.
  • bionics 仿生學,將生物知識應用在機械上的學問。
  • hit a / the brick wall 遇到瓶頸
    例:I'm sure we're all trying our best here. I just think we hit a brick wall.
  • I'm beat. = I'm wiped. 我快累死了。
  • slam 猛力關上、用力撞擊
  • FedEx Kinko's 現名 FedEx Office,提供影印、裝訂等服務的連鎖店。
  • hats off 脫帽以表尊敬、佩服之意
  • introspective 自省的、反省的、自我檢視的
  • spike up 準備吸毒
  • our of one's depth 超出某人的能力、理解範圍
    例:Hey, King of Rock, you're our of your depth.
  • verse 韻文、詩
  • ukulele 夏威夷的四絃琴
  • 5000 share 五千股 (股票)
  • nurturer 養育者
  • unforeseen 無法預料的、意外的
    例:What if something unforeseen should happen?
  • individuality 個性、獨立
    例:A woman's got to keep her sense of individuality.
  • faun 半人半羊的農牧神
  • W. C. Fields 美國 20、30 年代的喜劇演員
  • A&E (Arts & Entertainment) 一家美國電視台
  • step on (one's) toes 激怒、冒犯某人
    例:Tony, let me ask you a question. If I'm stepping on toes, tell me.
  • authentic = reliable = genuine 可信的、真實的
  • gridlock 卡在十字路口造成死結,也可以指一般的塞車。
  • worsen 惡化
    例:You notice traffic in Manhattan's worsened since "don't block the box"?
  • don't block box 常見於交通標誌,意思是不要在十字路口停留,以預防前面所提到的 gridlock。
  • Bungalow Bar 冰淇淋品牌,冰淇淋車的屋頂是尖的 (bungalow roof)。
  • Good Humor 冰淇淋品牌
  • fold 倒閉、垮台
    例:When the Bungalow Bar folded and they were auctioning off the last Bungalow Bar truck, I wanted it as a souvenir. Gotti outbid me.
  • auction off 拍賣掉
  • souvenir 紀念品
  • outbid 開更高的價、在開價上戰勝
  • Jimi Hendrix 在搖滾史上最有影響力的吉他手之一
  • charisma 魄力、領袖魅力
  • go against 反對、違反
    例:You're just pissed that I went against you at the sit-down.
  • There's one constant in the music businesses. 音樂這一行有一個不變的定律。
  • comprehend 領會、理解、包含
  • codify 編成法典、有系統地歸納
  • schlepper 懶人、蓬頭垢面的人
  • whatchamacallit = what do you call it 不知道名字的東西
    例:He wasn't retarded, but we thought he was because he had one of these whatchamacallit.
  • cleft lip / palate 唇 / 顎裂 (兔唇)
  • amusement 消遣、娛樂
    之前相關字:amusement park
  • dancing bear 馬戲團常見戲碼之一,可用來形容被人捉弄、利用的人。
  • You live, you learn. 當你發現一件以前不知道的事,可以說這句話表示感嘆。
  • bank teller 銀行出納員
  • altruistic 無私的
    例:You're gonna find another schmuck to have your altruistic moment with. 你去找別的笨蛋去展現你的善心。
  • in way over one's head 讓自己陷入窘境或危險之中,此片語源自游泳,若水淹過頭,可能會被溺死。
    例:You're in way over your head. Why don't you think about backing up a little bit?
  • Let sleeping dogs lie. 不要吵醒睡著的惡犬,即不要打草驚蛇。
  • sociology 社會學
  • urban planning 都市規劃
  • The pen is mightier than the sword. 諺語,文的比武的厲害,即尋求法律途徑比用暴力解決問題來的有效。
  • dictate 命令、支配
    例:Now, when it comes to which is mightier, the pen or the sword, I let the situation dictate.
  • retainer 訂金、保留者
  • tattler 告密者、大嘴色、長舌婦、長舌公
  • riff = flick = flip 快速翻動、匆匆過目
  • mentally prepare 心理準備
  • be in one's pants 跟誰上床
    例:He wants to be in your pants.
  • synagogue 猶太教會堂
  • cantor (合唱團) 指揮
  • scream one's head off 大喊大叫
    例:Yeah, go silent. That's you, either screaming your head off or fucking dead.
  • tumescent 腫起來的、脹起來的
  • chipper 高興、心情好
    例:You're awfully chipper today.
  • hold / hang on to sth. 握緊、拿好、保管好
  • connotation 隱喻、含意、內涵


The Sopranos 1x09 - Boca 英文筆記

  • weeds 雜草
  • cemetery 墓地
  • Hail Mary 萬福瑪莉亞
  • neglect = disregard 不重視、忽視、怠慢
    例:He should not neglect his elders.
  • skimp 節省、敷衍了事、不足的、做事不用心的人
  • ride the waves 衝浪
  • bodysurf 用身體衝浪,不用衝浪板
  • foam 吐白沫、冒汗、起泡沫
    例:Those dogs could start foaming at the mouth.
  • brick wall 磚牆,可用來形容有如銅牆鐵壁。
  • couch potato 整天坐在電視機前的人
  • rough play 犯規 (特別指打球時粗魯的動作)
  • tackle 扭倒 (足球)
  • forfeit 喪失、沒收
    例:Get off the field, or your team is gonna forfeit the game!
  • falcon 獵鷹
  • dimple 酒窩、漣漪
  • crisp 清脆的、鮮嫩的
    例:You got to come sample the salad bar. We got a chemical brightener. It keeps lettuce crisp.
  • artiste 藝術家 (跳舞或唱歌的表演者)
  • division = section = part = unit 區
  • boonie 蠻荒的、鳥不生蛋的
    例:That's boonie state.
  • pawn 棋盤上的卒、兵
  • up the ante 提高賭注、價錢或薪水
    例:It's time for me to stop moving my wife and daughter like pawns every time somebody ups the ante.
  • deluxe 豪華的
  • rear-view mirror 後視鏡
  • PI = private investigator 私家偵探
  • chatty 多嘴的、愛聊八卦的
  • fiscal = financial 財務的
  • I rest my case. 原是法庭用語,當辯護律師覺得別人陳述得已經很完整了,他不必再補充時,就可以說 I rest my case。在平時可用這句表示「你說到重點了,我不需再多做補充」,通常帶有反諷意味。
    例:- If I was smart, I wouldn't be here. - I rest my case. (暗示他真的不聰明)
  • trim 裝飾
  • scrape 刮、擦
  • shoot pool 打撞球 (pool table 是撞球桌)
  • rack up 用三角架把撞球擺好位置
  • lay down the law 發號司令、下聖旨
  • blister 皮膚起水泡、教訓、猛烈罵人
  • different strokes for different folks 每個人有不同的生活方式
  • prior conviction 前科
  • jeopardy 危險、風險
    例:Two prior convictions, that places you in jeopardy of sentence under the habitual offender statute.
  • habitual offender 慣犯
  • eat one's insides 煩惱、頭大
    例:I'm paying you four an hour to hear shit that's already eating my insides?
  • target letter 上庭受審前必須交出的信件,信的內容就是案件的相關資料。
  • point blank 近距離開槍、直接地說、直言
    例:I wasn't getting anywhere, so I asked them point blank what your status was.
  • fitter = machinist 機械師、修理工
  • oversight 失察、遺漏
  • attain 達到 (目標)
    例:If you can't get your friends jobs, what's the purpose of attaining success?
  • tan 太陽曬成的古銅色皮膚
  • crapper 廁所,源自沖水馬桶的推廣者 Thomas Crapper。
  • stammer 口吃、結巴
    例:Don't stammer around like a spastic.
  • spastic 抽筋的、痙攣的、麻痺患者
  • skipper 船長、領導者
  • metaphor 隱喻、比喻
  • be born with a silver spoon (in one's mouth) 含著銀湯匙出生
  • genuine 真實的、真誠的、真正的
  • O.J. = Orenthal James Simpson 黑人演員、足球員,1994 年捲入殺妻案,成為知名人物。
  • get knocked up 懷孕
    例:Principal says girls in sports, they do better. They don't take the drugs. They don't get knocked up.
  • overstate 誇大、誇張
    例:I might've been overstating the case a little bit.
  • ceramic 陶瓷的
  • artichoke 洋薊,一種可以吃的植物。
  • Water under the bridge. 往事 (通常指醜事) 別再提了。
  • surveil 監視
    例:The feds are never gonna surveil an old folks' home.
  • a truckload of sth. 一貨車的東西
  • bootleg 走私 (的)
    例:I got six truckloads of bootleg Polident coming in.
  • Polident 牙膏品牌
  • supply chain 供應鏈
  • minority 少數族群
  • take a post 接受一份工作或職務
    例:He has agreed to take a post at the University of Rhode Island in Providence.
  • sectionals 區域賽
  • full ride = full scholarship 全額獎學金
    例:They're giving my daughter a full ride!
  • mouth off 頂嘴、嗆聲、激動地大聲說
  • eat sb. for breakfast 把誰當成早餐給吃了,比喻不把某人看在眼底,或對某人發脾氣。
  • real estate 不動產
  • shuteye 睡覺
    例:He's catching some shuteye.
  • powerhouse 發電廠、精力旺盛的人
  • get an instinct for sth. 對什麼有天份、直覺的反應
  • break down in tears 大哭
    例:Chiara broke down in tears when she heard the coach was leaving.
  • French horn 法國號
    例:You lie like I play the French horn.
  • crumble = collapse 粉碎、摧毀、倒塌、崩潰
  • bleacher 看台
  • douche bag 一種用來清潔女性下體的用具、罵人的話
  • go 10 rounds 拳擊賽打到十回合,意思是吵架、跟誰沒完沒了。
    例:You discuss that with anyone, we're gonna go 10 rounds.
  • skim 撇去、去除表面上的東西、瀏覽
    例:We just skimmed 20 thou off the development fund.
  • law enforcement 執法單位,如警察局。
  • intimidate 威脅
  • coral 珊瑚、桃紅色 (介於橘色和粉紅色)
  • yak 閒聊、八卦、瞎扯
  • piranha 食人魚
  • giggle 咯咯笑、傻笑
  • slit 切開、裂縫、女性生殖器的口語字
  • Kurt Cobain 前美國樂團 Nirvana 的主唱,1994 年用散彈槍自殺。
  • butt out 離開
  • brink 邊緣
    例:That coach pushes them to the brink. It's unhealthy.
  • get in one's face 跟誰面對面、騷擾誰
    例:You better not get in that coach's face.
  • nail parlor 指甲美容院
  • acquired taste 後天培養的喜好、品嚐過後才喜歡上
    例:Your uncle has acquired a taste for her. 你叔叔「品嚐」她後就愛上她。
  • give head 口交
  • world-class 世界級的
  • wheat field 小麥田
  • Bushman 南非的原住民
  • Kalahari 南非的一個沙漠
  • hypocrite 偽君子
  • urge 衝動、催促
    例:I can resist the urge to gossip.
  • scrimp = skimp 節省、精打細算
    例:We scrimp and save to send our kids to that school.
  • drag through the mud (名譽) 掃地、抹黑、誹謗
    例:You have our name just dragged through the mud.
  • Golden Retriever 黃金獵犬
  • collar 狗的項圈
  • Catfish Hunter 前大聯盟投手
  • accusation 指控、控告、指責、譴責
  • sophisticated 老練的、歷久不衰的、複雜的、精密的
  • solid 人情 (口語),用法如 do him a solid。
    例:He owes me a solid. 他欠我一個人情
  • after-school 放學後的 (活動)
  • You're five time zones behind your own ass. 你聽到的消息落後太多了。
  • filth 污穢、髒東西
  • titty bar = strip club 脫衣酒吧
  • swami 印度教導師、受人敬重的老師
  • shank 用球杆根部打高爾夫球,造成失準。
    例:You shanked it, Sil.
  • manatee 海牛
  • tee off 發球 (高爾夫),tee 指的是 T 型的發球座。
  • muff 一大叢陰毛
  • sushi bar 壽司店
  • run off at the mouth 信口開河、廢話說不停
  • sedative 鎮靜劑
  • Bug-B-Gone 殺蟲劑品牌 (音同 bug be gone)
  • slob 懶散的人、粗俗的人
  • molest (性) 騷擾、調戲
  • weakling 虛弱的人、脆弱的人
  • spill one's guts 吐露心事
    例:The indictment's being prepared. He's spilling his guts!
  • ballpark 棒球場、某個範圍附近
    例:Melvoin's our lawer. He's in the ballpark. Melvoin 是我們的律師,他是圈內人。
  • judicial system 司法體制
  • sexual predator 強暴犯 (正式講法)
  • impeach = accuse = incriminate 控告、檢舉
  • discredit = disrepute 懷疑、誹謗、批評
  • savor 享受、品嚐
    例:I'm savoring the moment.
  • Saskatchewan 加拿大西方的一省
  • meringue 通常放在蛋糕的上層,蛋白和糖做成的東西,如 lemon meringue pie。
  • blabbermouth 長舌婦、長舌公、大嘴巴
  • happy trails 一路順風


The Sopranos 1x08 - The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti 英文筆記

  • mayo = mayonnaise 蛋黃醬、美乃滋
  • write-up (新聞) 報導
    例:This model got such a good write-up. 這個機型 (在報章雜誌上) 的評價很好。
  • mingle 混合、社交
  • rehearsal dinner 一種西方禮儀,結婚前夕的晚宴,由於通常排在婚禮預演之後,所以叫 "rehearsal" dinner
  • indictment 起訴
  • headquarter = HQ 總部
  • OC = organized crime
  • speculation 猜測、推測
  • better safe than sorry 為了安全,寧可麻煩一點 (劇中是講 better be safe than sorry)
  • duck 躲避、避風頭
  • open season 解禁期、開放期、狩獵期
  • g-note = grand 一千元
  • boost 祝賀的行為 (如婚禮的紅包)
    例:I just gave a g-note to Larry Boy's kid for the boost.
  • dupe 欺騙、愚弄
  • call the shots = call the tune 掌握大權
  • spring-clean (年度) 大掃除
  • anybody who's anybody 任何人 (強調「任何一個」)
  • engagement ring 訂婚戒指
  • hysteria 歇斯底里
  • squirrel 松鼠、儲藏 (食物、金錢)
  • get the drop on sb. = get the jump on sb. 贏得先機、贏在起跑線、在一開始比誰佔優勢
    例:I managed to get the drop on him.
  • Tennessee William 《慾望街車》的編劇
  • apply 迫使…專注於某事
    例:I have never seen you apply yourself like this. 我從未看過你如此專注。
  • empanel 徵召 (陪審團)
    例:New Jersey Attorney General, James Ricci, stated at a fundraiser, that a grand jury has been empaneled to investigate possible mob activities in the Garden State with indictments to follow.
  • syndicate 加入聯合組織、同時向各家報章雜誌發稿
  • columnist 專欄作家
  • all but = almost = nearly 幾乎
    例:For years now the FBI has been telling us that the mafia is all but dead.
  • interject 插嘴、插入
  • standing eight count 已廢除的拳擊賽規則,裁判必須在選手被擊倒後站起來倒數八聲,以評估選手的狀況能否繼續比賽
    例:get a standing eight count 可引申為搖搖欲墜。
  • inquiry 質詢、調查
    例:Murder, truck hijacking, as well as money laundering are expected to be among inquiries.
  • money laundering 洗錢
  • execution-style murder / killing / slaying 新聞媒體創造的新字,指近距離、處決式的殺人
  • power struggle 權力鬥爭
  • wind up = land up = end up = finish up = fetch up 最後以怎樣收尾、落得怎樣的下場
    例:He winds up dead.
  • chitchat 聊天、八卦、閒聊
  • guinso = guinea 義大利人,有歧視意味。Guinea 字首大寫為幾內亞,非洲西岸的一個國家
  • care package 救濟包,或一般有包食物或生活必需品的包裹
  • derogation 污衊、貶低、毀損
  • crumb = scum bag = bum 人渣
  • grate 摩擦、磨碎
  • sociopath 反社會之人、極端的人
  • bed-wetting 尿床
  • People like him are the reason Italian-Americans have such a bad image. 他那種人是義裔美國人給人壞印象的原因。
  • invariably 不變地、不約而同
    例:Ask any American to describe an Italian-American in this country, invariably he's gonna reference The Godfather, Goodfellas, and the rest are gonna mention pizza.
  • Anti-Def = Anti-Defamation League (ADL) 反誹謗聯盟
  • synergy 兩種東西 (如藥物或肌肉) 合力作用
  • news item 報紙上的一則新聞
  • Joe Colombo 前黑道老大
  • discrimination 岐視、差別 (待遇)
  • moan 抱怨、呻吟
  • rustler 偷牲畜的賊
  • gunslinger 帶槍的殺手
  • exterminate 根除、滅絕、消滅
  • sfogliatelle 一種義大利麵包,外型像貝殼,表面一層一層的如葉子,sfogliatelle 的本意正是 layer
  • Neapolitan 義大利那不勒斯 (Naples) 的人
  • loaf 麵包
  • crust 外殼、麵包皮、地殼
  • far-thinking 有遠見的
  • bring up 培養、教育、養大
    例:You brought up in a barn, or what? 你在穀倉長大的喔?(指沒教養)
  • on the rag 鬧脾氣、月經
    例:This is no time to go on the rag.
  • bug 竊聽器
  • snooty = uppity 傲慢的、自大的
  • shanty 簡陋的小屋、勞動工作歌
  • unannounced 未經宣佈的
  • in stride 輕鬆面對地、以平常心看待地
    例:His father could take it in stride, but he can't.
  • to-do = disturbance 騷動
  • quality time 珍貴時光、與家人或朋友相聚的時間
    例:You and me get to spend some quality time.
  • manor 領地、莊園
  • flatter 諂媚、奉承、拍馬屁
    例:Don't flatter yourself. 少臭美了。
  • throw on 急忙穿上
  • buckle 扣住、繫 (安全帶)
  • step out = go out 出外
  • broad = girl 年輕的女人
  • sty 豬圈
  • meter maid = meter Nazi 開停車罰單的警察 (有貶意),正式說法是 parking enforcement officer 或 parking attendant
  • suggested by (在文章中) 輕輕帶過
  • bullfight 鬥牛
  • advocate 擁護者、辯護者、律師
  • get turned on (性) 興奮
    例:He gets all turned on by money, power, and the devil.
    之前的相關字:get worked up
  • make-believe 虛構
  • can = jail = prison 監獄
  • notch = nick = snick 刻痕,或形容很短的距離
    例:I don't even move up a notch.
  • moonroof (汽車的) 天窗,早期天窗是不透明的,叫 sunroof,後來福特做了一種透明玻璃的天窗,叫 moonroof
  • slug = bullet 子彈
  • clean-shaven 刮過鬍子的
  • infusion 注入、注入一劑強心針 (即幫助的意思)
  • colleen 愛爾蘭姑娘
  • be a sucker for sth. 被什麼吸引、迷住
    例:We all know you're a sucker for those Irish girls.
  • freckle 雀斑
  • bust one's balls = break one's balls
  • Calabrese 義大利最南方的區域
  • poverty 貧窮
  • ethnic cleansing 種族屠殺
  • dignity 尊貴、自尊
  • Connie Francis 50~60 年代的歌手
  • bear on 有關係、有關聯
    例:You're worked up about my patient, a man who has no bearing on who or where you are in this world.
  • psychotherapy 心理治療
  • cheesy = cheap 品質粗劣的
  • moral relativism 道德相對主義,主張道德倫理沒有一個絕對客觀的評價標準
  • wipe one's ass 擦屁股
    例:I wipe my ass with your feelings. 我用你的感覺擦屁股 (即我不在乎你的感覺)。
  • be under a microscope 被用放大鏡檢視、被監視
  • midget 侏儒、矮人
  • serotonin 血清素,一種神精傳導物質
  • skinny guinea pig 一種無毛天竺鼠,guinea pig 為天竺鼠
  • traumatize 造成創傷、驚嚇
  • bowl 碗、打保齡球
  • klutz 笨手笨腳的人、冒失鬼
  • sweep up 掃地
  • frisk 搜身
    例:They probably frisk him every night before he goes home.
  • vowel 母音
  • moo shu pork 木須肉,中國山東菜
  • Michelangelo 米開朗基羅
  • ethnic group 種族 (有相同血緣或文化)
  • anarchist 無政府主者
  • pour 傾瀉、傾盆而降
    例:I don't appreciate feeling like I pour my heart out to a call girl.
  • faint 昏倒
    例:He was gonna be a tree surgeon, but he fainted at the sight of sap.
  • sap 汁液
  • pace yourself 多出去走走
  • light bulb 電燈泡
  • relate 敘述相關事情
  • bad apple 老鼠屎、內奸
  • show of hands 叫台下的人舉手、自願
  • Zapruder film 一段很有名的家庭影片,拍到甘迺迪遇刺的過程
  • repercussion 反射、回響、彈回
  • smoke-free 禁煙的
  • subhuman 近似人類的、低於人類的
  • revolt 反抗、叛亂、使…噁心、反感、厭惡
  • on the grounds of 以…為理由
    例:His issue is that I should distance myself from this man on the grounds of the stigma that he brings us.
  • stigma 恥辱、汙名
  • dilemma 困境、進退兩難
  • dark sheep = black sheep 老鼠屎、害群之馬
  • wheelman 很會開車的司機


The Sopranos 1x07 - Down Neck 英文筆記

  • take a swig 喝一大口
  • backwash 逆流、後果
  • nun 修女、尼姑
  • rosary 天主教的念珠
  • nth grade 幾年級
  • sacramental 聖禮的
  • Form it up! 列隊
  • Hustle, hustle, hustle! 快快快!
  • Shake a leg. 動起來、跳跳舞
  • jumping jack 一種人形玩具或動作,跳上跳下,在空中時姿勢成大字形
  • sync up 跟上 (拍子)
  • get dust 搞得灰頭土臉、全身髒兮兮
    例:I got dust up the crack of my ass.
  • take pleasure in sth. 樂於其中
  • rag 責罵、惡作劇、開玩笑
    例:He's been ragging in my ear all day.
  • stoppage 名詞,阻礙、中止
  • deem 認為、相信、評估
    例:He stays until the union deems this workplace is free of hazard.
  • hazard 危險 (之物)
  • pay up 付清
    例:Give union a call and see if this gentleman here had paid up his union dues.
  • union dues 工會會費
  • pop in 進入一下子
    例:Pop in these wheel covers and we'll check the brake pads. 深入檢查一下這些輪胎的金屬殼,看看煞車皮有沒有問題。
  • wheel cover = hubcap = wheel trim 輪胎金屬殼
  • brake pad 煞車皮
  • vomit = puke = throw up 嘔吐
  • affront 公然侮辱、冒犯
  • have trouble Ving 做什麼事有困難
  • deficit 名詞,缺失、缺少
  • aggregate of sth. 總和
  • inattention 不專心
  • impulsivity 衝動
  • hyperactivity 過動
  • thorough 徹底的、完整的
  • polio = poliomyelitis 脊髓灰質炎,又稱小兒麻痺
  • tarantella 一種義大利舞蹈
  • a battery of sth. 一組相關的東西
    例:He'll be given a complete battery of testing.
  • attend 照顧、侍侯
    例:We attend every child according to his own special set of circumstances.
  • shit a brick 嚇一跳、驚訝
    例:I bet that gym teacher shit a brick when your little friend puked on his boots.
  • boys will be boys 過時的諺語,用來說男孩子的頑皮
  • vice principal 副校長
  • hellion = troublemaker 搗蛋鬼 (通常指年輕人)
  • condone = excuse = pardon 寬恕、原諒
  • go off 爆炸
    例:A bomb went off.
  • controversial 受爭議的
  • line 填充
    例:Is it a disease, or a way for these psychologists to line their pockets?
  • intervention 介入
  • out of the norm 不正常
    例:You don't consider his behavior out of the norm?
  • pick up the pieces 災難後撿起碎片,比喻重新站起來、面對現實
    例:You pick up the pieces and you go on from there.
  • go easy on sb. 對某人寬容
  • press sb. hard 對某人嚴厲
  • raise 加薪
    例:You want a raise to figure this out?
  • rake 耙 (落葉)
  • RBI 打點 (棒球)
  • payoff 名詞,發薪
  • Jefferson Airplane 60 年代的搖滾樂園,有兩首經典名曲:White Rabbit 和 Somebody to Love
  • belt 皮帶
    例:The belt was his favorite child development tool.
  • clam 蛤蜊
  • oyster 牡蠣、生蠔
  • Worcestershire sauce = Worcester sauce 一種英國辣醬油
  • He wasn't around much. 他時常不在 (家)。
  • provision = supply 供應 (食物)
  • extortion 勒索
  • loan-sharking = shylock 高利貸
  • be engaged in sth. 從事
  • feminist 女性主義的
  • objectify 設立目標
  • pull down 花錢花很兇
    例:These girls pull down 1500 a week.
  • bear no weight with sb. 對誰來說不重要
    例:This bears no weight with the principessa.
  • principessa 公主的義大利語
  • lie through one's teeth 說謊說得誇張、睜眼說瞎話
  • nitwit = dimwit = idiot 傻子
  • information age 資訊爆炸的時代
  • special occasion 特別的慶祝活動
  • antique = old-timer 古董
  • wide open 完全開放的
  • broad daylight 大白天
    例:You did this in broad daylight?
  • interstate 州際的
  • commerce 商務、貿易
  • I take a licking but keeps on ticking. 著名的鍾錶廣告詞,比喻東西耐用。
  • Eric Cartman 《南方公園》裡的那個胖子
  • anal probe 肛門探針檢查
  • special ed = special education 特殊教育
  • soloist 獨奏者、獨唱者
  • choir 合唱團
  • Like father like son. 有其父必有其子。
  • daddy's little girl 被父親寵壞的女生
    之前的相關字:mama's boy
  • gene pool 一個物種身上所有的基因
  • scrabble 拼字遊戲
  • be wiped = be wiped out 非常疲勞、累死了
    例:I'm kind of wiped.
  • racket 噪音、喧鬧聲、非法企業
  • on a silver platter 準備好好地 (即台語的「傳邊邊」)、垂手可得地
    例:I gave my life to my children on a silver platter, and this is how he repays me.
  • flat tire 漏氣的輪胎
  • rip off 詐騙、詐取
    例:He ran some union that ripped off these pension things or something.
  • pension 退休金、養老金
  • algae 海藻、藻類
  • scrape off 刮除
  • genetical 基因相關的
  • acquaintance = familiarity 熟人
  • Leopold and Loeb 兩個高學歷的殺人犯,他們殺了一個 14 歲的男孩,震驚 20 年代當時的美國
  • cornhole 肛交
  • omen 預兆
  • be doomed to V 注定要怎樣
    例:He who doesn't understand history is doomed to repeat it.
  • static 生氣的評論
    例:They will probably give you a lot of static about your editorial.
  • dot-head 額頭上有一個紅點的印度女人 (有貶意)
  • gravy 肉汁
  • red lead 鉛丹,可以用防鏽,化學式為 Pb3O4
  • electric organ = electric keyboard 電子 (風) 琴
  • high-strung 神經質的、高度緊張的
  • toll 通行費、敲鍾聲、傷亡人數 (death toll 的簡寫)
  • loot 搶劫
  • agitator 煽動者
  • favoritism 偏愛、偏袒
    例:My father was showing favoritism.
  • in the pit of one's stomach 錐心之痛
    打從心底愛某人可以說 love someone from the bottom of your heart,而痛苦的感覺 (害怕、傷心),則可以把它形容成痛到肚子下面。pit of stomach 是肚子下方,丹田的位置。
    例:I still remember that feeling in the pit of my stomach.
  • pertain 屬於、關於
    例:How does this pertain to the situation with your son?
  • amusement park 遊樂園
  • lint 棉絮、絨布
  • clarabell 小丑 (如麥當勞叔叔)
  • devastating 極度令人傷心的,原動詞 devastate 為毀壞
  • handcuff sb. 給某人戴上手銬
  • Ed Sullivan 50~60 年代的綜藝主持人
  • vanilla 香草
  • uppity 自負的、傲慢的
  • undesirable 不良份子
  • be in a bind 被困在兩難的局面、有困難
    例:That's the bind I'm in.
  • salami 一種義大利香腸
  • hereditary 世襲的、遺傳的
  • predisposition 易患病的體質、預先的傾向
  • preordain 預先注定
  • possess 擁有
  • Okie - Oklahoma 的工人的居民 (有貶意)
  • misfit 適應不良的人、不稱職的人、不適合的東西
  • grow by leaps and bounds 成長得很快速
  • supper 比 dinner 早的晚餐
  • albacore 長鰭金槍魚
  • smother 使人窒息、悶住
  • shoot the shit 隨便聊聊、閒話家常
  • be full of oneself 自滿
  • caporegime 簡稱 capo,義大利黑手黨的「堂主」,地位僅次 boss
  • go-getter 事業發展迅速的人
  • get sb. worked up 刺激某人,使其興奮或腦怒
    例:Rocco just got him all worked up.
  • choirboy 合唱團男孩,或比喻道德高尚的人
  • ruthless 無情的、殘忍的
  • be eager to V 渴望想怎樣
  • cognitive 認知的
  • quote-unquote 在一個字加引雙號的唸法,或唸  quote endquote
  • on the go 忙個不停
  • fidget 慌張、坐立不安
  • constitute sth. 組成、造成
    例:What constitutes a fidget?
  • be in puberty 正值青春期
  • oppose 對抗
  • in shape 處於良好狀態
    例:Admiral Nimitz had no battleships in shape for the fight.
  • trump card 致勝王牌
  • sprinkle 巧克力米,五顏六色,小小一粒一粒的