The Sopranos 2x08 - Full Leather Jacket 英文筆記

  • It's a reach = It's a stretch 表某件事很難,超出能力範圍。
    例:Georgetown is a total reach for me. 申請 Georgetown 大學對我來說太難了。
  • over my dead body 除非等我死了、下輩子吧 (用來警告別人:只要有我活著,你就不能做麼做)。
  • fudge 乳脂軟糖、欺騙、謊言
  • crack a book 唸書、K 書
    例:You want to go to a collage like that you gotta crack the books.
  • stocking 長襪、絲襪
  • rent-a-sth. 出租東西的店,常出現在招牌上,例:rent-a-car、rent-a-geek (電腦顧問)、rent-a-cop (保全人員)。
  • crowbar 鐵橇 (尾端有鉤子的)
  • adrenaline 腎上腺素
  • cat burglar = housebreaker 闖空門的竊賊、小偷
  • start off 起步、開始
    例:- Pussy Bompensiero started off chipping safes like this? - Until he stepped up for Johnny Soprano during the unrest of '83.
  • chip 鑿、鏟、削
  • unrest 不安的狀態、動盪的局面
  • door-to-door 挨家挨戶
    例:Selling stockings door-to-door.
  • facelift 臉部整型手術 (去除皺紋、疤痕等)
  • Profile Toner 美頸球,一種美容產品。
  • give up on 不抱希望、失去信念
    例:The Profile Toner is great for any age and any body type, even for those hereditary conditions you've probably given up on.
  • Notre Dame 巴黎聖母院
  • baby boom 嬰兒潮
  • exert 運用、發揮 (影響力),例:exert a little pressure。
  • bed 栽種植物的地方、苗床
    例:You're putting your roses to bed, huh?
  • spinning class 健身房的一種課程,spin 是踩室內腳踏車 (indoor cycling)。
  • ring the bell 按門鈴、鳴鍾、成功 
  • escalator 電扶梯
    例:I see you going on the down escalator.
  • letter of recommendation 推薦信
  • transcript 成績單
  • ice cap 冰帽
  • poignant 辛辣的、強烈的、深刻的、感人的、切中要點的
    例:Her paper on the melting ice cap. It made me cry. It's so poignant.
  • brace 支撐、強化
  • youth 青春
    例:You're wasting your whole youth.
  • bits of broken glass 玻璃碎片
  • sob 啜泣、哽咽
    例:I hear your sobbing in your bed at night.
  • carat 克拉
  • blurry 模糊的
  • drench 弄濕、浸濕、使充滿
    例:Don't drench it in oil this time.
  • nickel bag 一小包大麻
  • Tao 道家
    例:Like the Tao says, "you gotta shut one door before another one can open."
  • swag 戰利品、贓物
  • lay out 花錢
    例:I laid out my whole take on the diamond for Ade.
  • childbearing 分娩、生小孩的過程
  • burrito 墨西哥捲餅
  • sign shop 做牌子、招牌的店
  • canopy 遮雨篷、天篷、遮蓋物
    例:He's the only one who can smoke in the rain with his hands tied behind his back. His nose is a natural canopy.
  • slip and fall 美國民法規定,因公共建設滑倒或跌倒而受傷,可依法索賠。
  • deposition 宣誓作證、罷免
  • goof 耍笨、出錯、搞砸
    例:I think I goofed.
  • blind-side 沒有防備的一面、弱點,當動詞表示擊中要害。
    例:She just blind-sided me in the back yard. What was I supposed to say?
  • elitist 優秀人材、傑出者、精英中的精英
  • cement 水泥
  • doormat 懦夫、弱者、擦鞋墊 (通常會擺在門邊)
    例:You want to be a doormat for the rest of your life?
  • among the missing 失蹤、不知去向
    例:It's no trouble at all to add two more chairs. Especially with Ms. Meadow among the missing.
  • foot 桌尾
    例:Let Janice's friend sit at the foot.
  • The more the merrier. (參加某活動的) 人愈多愈讓人高興、人多才熱鬧
  • crown roast 烤肋骨肉,外觀像皇冠。
  • cerebral palsy 腦性麻痺
  • addition 新成員、增加的人
    例:I think she would be a wonderful addition to Georgetown campus.
  • officer of the court 泛指法律工作從事者
  • academic year 學年
  • rip up 撕成碎片、敲碎、劈開
    例:We heard from Gia Gaeta. Your little nephews ripped up the house and then haven't been back there.
  • knock out 擊倒、驚艷
    例:She was knocked the fuck out by those teacher recommendations.
  • puff 吹煙、噴煙、喘氣
    例:- You want one (cigarette)? - No, I'll have a puff of yours.
  • Eye on the prize. 專心,把注意力集中在有用的事。
  • communicate one's needs 表達需求
  • tripe 牛肚 (內臟)、廢話
  • flash in the pan 曇花一現
    例:Richie, you and Janice. This is no flash in the pan.
  • For every shoe there is a mate. 每個人都有適合的另一半。
  • bug out 離開、滾開
    例:I'm 18 years old. I'm going to be going to college. I can take care of myself, so just bug out, OK?
  • pathfinder 探路者、領航者 
  • incur 帶來、招致、遭受
    例:The car came into my possession because of a debt incurred to me by the kid's father. This is the way he elected to make payment.
  • pink slip 解雇單、汽車擁有證明文件 (正式名稱是 vehicle title)
  • rub one's nose in sth. 不斷地提醒、因某人犯錯而對他碎念念 (由來:讓狗不斷地去聞牠自己的屎,以訓練牠在室外大便)
  • fettuccine 義大利寬麵條
  • rub one's face in sth. 羞辱、給誰難看,例:rub her face in shit。


The Sopranos 2x07 - D-Girl 英文筆記

  • ambulance chaser 專幫意外傷者打官司的律師 (有貶意)
  • redeye 半夜航班的,紅眼睛表示很累。
    例:That's the redeye talking.
  • Morgan Stanley 一家全球銀行,總部在紐約。
  • snap up 快速買下、快速抓取
    例:Favreau snapped her right up.
  • accessible (形容人) 易接近的、友善的
  • opus 作品 (音樂或劇本)
    例:When do we get to read this opus?
  • bridge-and-tunnel 曼哈頓人對郊區人的形容詞 (有貶意),指郊區到曼哈頓市區要經過橋或隧道。
    例:Hey, bridge-and-tunnel boy, chill out.
  • down-to-earth 樸實的、實際的、不傲慢的
    例:She seemed so down-to-earth for a Hollywood person.
  • bellhop 飯店小弟 (幫提行李)
  • premiere 初演、首映
  • confirmation 堅振聖事,天主教儀式,經由洗禮以鞏固與上帝間的關係。
  • absurdity 荒謬、荒誕
    例:Death just shows the ultimate absurdity of life.
  • Hustler 情色雜誌
  • cobweb 蜘蛛網、蜘蛛絲
    例:My head's all cobwebs. 我頭腦一團亂。
  • draw a conclusion = conclude 下結論
    例:We're drawing no conclusions.
  • quip 諷刺、雙關語、機智的話
    例:Cut the quips!
  • merger 名詞,合併。
  • since Moses wore short pants 很早以前
    例:That's been going on since Moses wore short pants.
  • overture 主動的表示、提議、序曲
    例:Tony's still resisting the Philly overtures?
  • lean on 倚靠著
    例:You come here because somebody's leaning on your ass? 你來這只是因為有人向你施壓吧?
  • You can't put shit back in the donkey. 比喻有些事不可能就是不可能,例如:把拉出來的大便塞回去。
  • adolescent 青春期的
  • angst 不安、擾慮
    例:Adolescent angst is very normal.
  • strain 繃緊、拉緊、緊張,例:the strain of the atmosphere 緊張的氣氛。
  • stumble 絆倒、失足、困惑
    例:Anthony Jr. may have stumbled onto existentialism.
  • existentialism 存在主義
  • disillusion 使覺悟、使醒悟、使幻想破滅
    例:After World War II, people were disillusioned by sheer weight of the horrors. That's when the whole idea took root that there were no absolute truths.
  • sheer weight of 全然的、純綷的、完全的
  • take root 紮根、生根
  • be up for debate 被拿出來討論、爭論
    例:In your family, even motherhood's up for debate.
  • true colors 真面目
    例:She showed her true colors.
  • embrace 擁抱、接受、接納
    例:Don't you think that kind of talk could lead a kid to embrace these ideas?
  • solely 獨自地、單獨地
  • aching 痛的 (持續性地)
  • screwball 怪人、曲球
  • mainstream 主流
    例:This movie is much more mainstream. It's about spies.
  • SoHo 蘇活區,位於曼哈頓西南方,以餐廳、商店和畫廊著名。
  • silencer 滅音器、 消音器
  • underscore 劃底線、強調
    例:The silencers underscore their voiceless place in society.
  • voiceless 無聲的、沉默的
  • egg cream 紐約常見的飲料,成份有巧克力、糖漿、牛奶和蘇打水。
  • passivity 被動、順從
  • testis 睪丸,複數是 testes。
  • laundromat 自助洗衣店
  • guardian angel 守護天使
  • beef 抱怨、牢騷
    例:That's the one beef I had with Swingers. You guys patterned yourselves after Frank and Dean but there was like a "pussy-assness" to it.
  • pattern 模仿、仿造
  • flawed 有缺點的、錯誤的
  • blinkered 短視近利的、目光狹隘的
  • yearn 渴望、懷念
    例:He had this yearning, this hunger for something.
  • speech pattern = accent 口音、腔調
  • discriminating 有識別力的、有差別的
    例:This made guy got the most discriminating eye when it comes to T and A.
  • T and A = tits and ass
  • horny 角的、性慾被激起的、性興奮的
    例:She's horny as hell.
  • picnic 野餐
  • swing set 鞦韆 (可能搭配溜滑梯)
  • shoot one's load 射精
  • undo 鬆開、解開
  • prick 老二
  • get / grab hold of 抓住、抓到
    例:He's about to shoot his load, reaches down to start fingering, undoes the skirt, reaches in, grabs hold of a goddamn prick.
  • happy-go-lucky = carefree = easygoing 無憂無慮的、逍遙自在的
    例:He used to be happy-go-lucky. Now he's moody, questions the universe.
  • broody 想不開的、多慮的、深思的
  • sacrifice fly 高飛犧牲打
  • snap out of it / this 振作起來、從低潮中走出來
    例:You gotta snap out of this, Anthony.
  • left field 左外野 (手)
  • cop 偷竊
    例:He copped it all from Hursserl and Heidegger.
  • shit or go blind 不管選哪一條路都一樣爛,比喻無從選擇、不知道下一步該怎麼走、陷入困境。
    例:I don't know whether to shit or go blind.
  • crossroad 十字路口
  • glaucoma 青光眼 
  • guide dog 導盲犬
  • run in the family (疾病、運動天份或某種特質) 家族遺傳
    例:Glaucoma runs in the family.
  • inciting 刺激的、煽動的
  • incident 事件、事變
    例:Your inciting incident happens on page 12. It should be on 3.
  • stake 樁、賭金、賭注
  • overcrowd 過度擁擠、擠太多人
    例:They overcrowded their car.
  • dead meat 將死之人
  • die in your own arms 獨自一人死去
  • It's all a big nothing. 那根本沒什麼。
  • scratchy 有磨痕的、潦草的、刺耳的 (摩擦聲)
  • leading man 男主角、演主角的男演員
  • contradictory 互斥的、正反兩面的、矛盾的
    例:He's kind of like a contradictory character.
  • tap shoe 踢踏鞋
  • tar 焦油、柏油
  • bridesmaid 伴娘
  • come into bloom 開花
    例:With all the flowers coming into bloom, I would love to be a June bride.
  • groom = bridegroom 新郎
  • double wedding 兩對新郎新娘的婚禮
  • slip 下滑、走下坡
    例:I think Caravaggio's is slipping.
  • supportive 支持的
    例:I tried so hard to be supportive with his art and with getting his screenplay made.
  • neurosurgeon 神經外科醫生
  • question-and-answer 回答
    例:What is this, question-and-answer hour?
  • premed = premedical 醫學院預科
    例:I was premed at Yale my freshman year.
  • Cosa Nostra = Mafia 黑手黨、黑道、犯罪組織
  • member of the tribe = MOT 猶太人
    例:Ever been with a member of the tribe before?
  • politically correct = PC 政治正確的
  • shemale 人妖 (有貶意)
  • bend out of shape 激怒、惹惱
    之前的同義片語:rub sb. the wrong way、put one's nose out of joint
    例:This is so absurd of you to get so bent out of shape!
  • put one's face on 化妝
    例:I need to put my face on.
  • touch base 聯絡
    例:Have you touch base with Jon?
  • wait-and-see 不急的、觀望心態的
    例:There's a wait-and-see attitude toward Mafia-related projects right now. So we're gonna have to pass.
  • Walnuts = John McCain 的暱稱
  • resorts international 國際渡假村
  • silverware 銀器、銀製餐具
  • disciplinarian 制裁者、執行紀律者
  • meningitis 髓膜炎
  • standup 勇敢的、忠誠的、有義氣的
    例:He's a standup guy.
  • cave in = collapse 倒塌、崩潰
    例:I figured with all my sins I don't want to the church caving in on everyone.


The Sopranos 2x06 - The Happy Wanderer 英文筆記

  • undergrad = undergraduate
  • selective 嚴格挑選的、選擇性的
    例:Our undergrad student body at Brown only numbers about 6000 people. Admission is extremely selective.
  • duck 寶貝
    例:Get all of your academic and your extracurricular ducks in a row. Leave nothing to chance.
  • leave nothing to chance 不碰運氣;leave it to change 聽天由命
  • trotter 輕快行走的人或馬、動物的腳 (通常指食物)、一種被訓練參加特別比賽 (trot) 的馬
  • refreshment 提神用品、可恢復精力的東西 (如茶點、飲料、食物),例:refreshment table 是放置茶點供人取用的桌子。
  • be roped into 被牽扯入
    例:I don't know how I always get roped into this shit.
  • janitor 清潔工 (同時身兼守衛和看門的那種)
  • belly bomb 一大塊食物 (如麥當勞的大麥克)
  • latrine 廁所 (比較簡陋的那種)
  • grapevine 葡萄藤、小道消息、消息管道
    例:Listen, I heard through the grapevine that you're taking over your uncle's game.
  • Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see. 意思是不要聽信謠言,出自一首歌。
  • jockstrap 保護運動員私處的繃帶
  • waste of oxygen 廢物
  • pummel 打、擊、揍
    例:I want to grab him and pummel him right there for no reason.
  • tie in 有關係、有關聯
    例:I think it all ties in.
  • Santa Maria 聖母瑪莉亞;Santa Claus 聖誕老公公
  • have one's work cut out for sb. 忙得不可開交、面臨困難的工作、工作行程滿檔
    例:We have our work cut out for us.
  • try out for 嘗試參加、嘗試申請入內
    例:When you try out for Cabaret Night, the form asked what you wanna do, and I checked off solo.
  • cabaret 有現演表演的餐廳
  • check off 勾選
  • at once 立刻、馬上
    例:The credit card companies didn't care what you bought as long as you don't pay all at once.
  • ceci bean = chickpea 鷹嘴豆
  • sing / cry the blues 訴苦、哭訴
    例:She's like a woman with a Virginia ham under her arm, crying the blues because she has no bread.
  • freight 運費、貨運
  • Some people are so far behind in a race that they actually believe they're leading. 落後一大截的人還以為自己領先。
  • He was between me and your father in age. 他年紀介於我和你父親之間。
  • cue ball 撞球
  • feeble-minded 低能的、遲鈍的
  • propeller 螺旋槳、推進器
    例:I want to buy a boat with three propellers.
  • ho = whore
  • c = c-note 一百元鈔票
  • shy = short = lack
  • catch up 趕上、補上
    例:Rich, that envelope's two c shy. I'll catch up on it next week. It's no problem. I just got caught off a little guard this month.
  • catch sb. off guard 使人措手不及
  • stutter step 網球、籃球、美式足球裡的一種步法,往左右兩邊踏的假動作。
  • principal 本金
  • tack onto 加在後面、釘在上面
    例:The difference gets tacked onto the principal. 差額會加入本金。
  • snapper 鯛魚 
  • fishy 有魚腥味的、像魚的
  • nickel-and-dime 不重要的小事、小錢、節省地
    例:There's gonna be some serious money there. This is no nickel-and-dime shit.
  • operating room 手術室
  • losing streak 連輸;winning streak 連贏
    例:Silvio blamed Fritzi for his losing streak.
  • efficiency 飯店裡有廚房的房間
  • beanie 毛帽
  • vest 背心、內衣、防彈背心 (life vest 或 bulletproof vest)
  • cops and robbers 官兵抓強盜,小孩玩的遊戲。
  • The Chairman of the Board = Frank Sinatra 的暱稱
  • straighten out 整頓、安置、弄整齊
  • TV tray 一張可摺疊的小桌子,可用來放食物,邊看電視邊吃。
  • Taj Mahal 泰姬瑪哈陵,印度陵墓。
  • resemblance 相似處
  • prom 舞會 (學校畢業舞會)
  • All kidding aside. 不開玩笑了、認真說
  • float 借錢
    例:Can't you float me, short-term?
  • penile implant 陰莖植入手術
  • abound 充滿、富於、豐富
  • nine of spades / hearts / diamonds / clubs 黑桃 / 紅心 / 方塊 / 梅花九
  • provolone 一種義大利起士
  • crotch 褲襠、跨下
  • Viagra 威而剛
  • a crate of 一木箱的
    例:I heard they're sinking a crate of Viagra down to the Titanic to try and raise it.
  • deuce 撲克牌的兩點
  • trips 三條;flush 順子
  • lineup 陣容、一組人
  • stonewaller 阻礙者、妨礙者
    例:How do you expect to make a dime with this stonewaller?
  • lox 醃漬或煙熏的鮭魚 (salmon)
  • holier-than-thou 字面上是「比汝還神聖」,意思是偽善的、自以為比別人高尚、自以為高人一等。
  • make out 進行、相處
    例:How your kid made out at Bowdoin? 你小孩在 Bowdoin 的事怎樣了?
  • Joe Blow = Average Joe 一般人
  • gust 一陣 (強風)
    例:This gust of wind comes, knocks him off the roof. All for a satellite dish.
  • knock off 除掉 (殺掉)、去除
  • satellite dish 接收衛星訊號的圓盤
  • Live every moment as if it were your last dance on earth. 拳擊手 Carlos Castenda 說的名言。
  • prizefighter 職業拳擊手
  • developmentally disabled 有身心障礙的
  • have sb. in stitches 讓某人笑到不行
    例:He had everybody in stitches back then.
  • function 活動、場合
    例:We knew we were bound to see them at some function. Just relax.
  • blow up 暴走、暴怒、生氣到失去理智
    例:I'm sorry about blowing up in your game.
  • mailman 郵差
  • in a bind / jam 處境艱難、身處困境
    例:I got myself in a little bind.
  • Chapter 11 美國破產條例中的一章,內容是破產保護。
  • off-road 駛離道路
  • accountability = responsibility 責任
  • sport utility vehicle = SUV
  • provost 院長、教務長
  • wager 賭注、賭博
    例:A grown man made a wager. He lost.
  • low-life 道德低下的、社會底層的、卑鄙的
    例:He's a real low-life asshole.
  • lozenge 菱形、喉糖 (可能是藥用的)
  • as opposed to 應該…而不是…、相反地
    例:If you're worried about coughing and feel a nice lozenge might help, may we suggest that now would be the time to unwrap it, as opposed to during the performance.


The Sopranos 2x05 - Big Girls Don't Cry 英文筆記

  • French kiss 法式接吻
  • in a row 連續的、接連的,例:three weeks in a row
  • slow 蕭條、生意不好,例:business slow
  • four-top 一桌四個客人 (通常用在餐廳)
    例:They can't turn down a four-top.
  • drape = curtain 簾
  • fennel 茴香
  • top-notch 頂尖的、極好的
  • schmutz 髒東西、汙垢、汙穢 (Yiddish)
  • convey 傳達、告知、帶有什麼意思、傳輸
    例:The actor is the instrument for conveying ideas.
  • improv = improvisation 即席表演、即席創作
  • furlough 休假、准假
    例:Despite Corrado Soprano's medical furlough from jail, where he was awaiting trail, sources in the US Attorney's Office indicate that nephew Anthoney Soprano probably remains the de facto boss of the North Jersey mob.
  • de facto = actual 事實上的、真的
  • indoor plumbing 室內水利,例如:自來水 (tap water 或 running water)。
  • Mallomars 巧克力品牌
  • jaywalk 闖紅燈、穿越沒有馬斑線的車道
    例:Feds find an excuse, I'll do a time for jaywalking.
  • pecking order = hierarchy 階級制度
  • downpour 傾盆大雨
  • hyperventilate 快速用力的呼吸
  • poppy 罌粟
  • full-blown 完全成熟的、完整的
    例:He goes into a full-blown panic attack, and he passes out.
  • conjure = raise = bring up = call forth 喚起、引起
    例:The Wizard of Oz, what memories does it conjure up?
  • gain weight = put on weight 變重、變胖
    例:I'm gaining weight.
  • roller coaster 雲霄飛車
  • perceptive 知覺的、敏銳的、觀察入微的
  • vicarious 第二的、代理的、替代的、可替換的
    例:I'm concerned that treating a mobster provides you some vicarious thrill.
  • smug 自以為是的、自滿的
  • rent-free 免租金的
    例:It's not enough that she's living rent-free. She gotta squeeze money out of the house too?
  • RadioShack 賣電器用品的店
  • durability 耐久性
    例:I'm giving that phone an F for durability.
  • lumpy 凹凸不平的
    例:Mattress at the shelter a little too lumpy?
  • each his own 每個人的喜好不同
  • hold one's tongue 保持沉默、閉口
  • paraplegic 下半身癱瘓的
  • beggar 乞丐
    例:- I'm quite capable of getting a job, Tony. - Ya, with your carpal tunnel syndrome? How you gonna hold a beggar's cup?
  • habitable 可居住的、適於居住的
  • barefoot 赤腳的
  • menagerie 動物園、動物展覽
  • breast milk 母奶
  • Garden State 紐澤西州的暱稱
  • tanning salon 日光浴沙龍店
  • Filipino 菲律賓人
  • past-due 過期的
  • pignolia = pine nut 松子
  • inferiority complex 自卑感
    例:Inferiority complex. Know what that is? That's what they call it when someone low-rates himself.
  • low-rate 低估
  • clump 笨重地行走、跛腳走路
  • gimp 瘸子
  • vouch 擔保、保證
    例:A guy named Danny Greco called me. He asked me for a loan. Said you'll vouch.
  • inkling 暗示、微微覺得、細微的跡象
    例:I had an inkling.
  • polyp 水螅、鼻息肉
  • garden hose 花園用的水管
  • mallard 野鴨
  • leisure-time 空閒時間、業餘時間,例l:leisure-time activity。
  • laddie 小夥子、年輕人、少年
  • aversion 厭惡、討厭的東西
    例:Lately, I feel this aversion to my swimming pool.
  • rub sb. the wrong way 激怒、惹惱
    例:He rubbed me the wrong way.
  • on (the) ice 已備妥的,等到時機一到就可以馬上使用。
    例:- Still get tickets from the Greek? - Right on the ice.
  • stomp 跺、踏
    例:You didn't stomp those grapes yourself, did you?
  • in desperate need of sth. 有迫切需要
  • pass over 忽略、漠視
  • storm out (of some place) 生氣地離開某處
    例:I stormed out of here like a child. Cursing, threatening, acting out.
  • act out 在不自覺的情況下,做出不適當的情緒表現。
    之前的相關詞:carry on、act up。
  • overeat 吃過量、暴飲暴食
  • drive at 意圖、意指、用意
    例:What are you driving at?
  • intake 攝取、通風口
    例:Watch your intake of sugar.
  • therapeutic 治療的、有療效的
  • palm tree 棕櫚樹
  • buzzer 門鈴、鳴蜂器
  • get by 生存、成功處理
    例:I'm getting by without it.
  • case in point = precedent 先例
  • flip off = give the finger 比中指
    例:He didn't flip you off.
  • clap = applaud 鼓掌、拍手
  • innermost 內心的、最深處的
    例:Revealing your innermost feelings is the best kind of writing.
  • writer's block 寫作沒靈感、寫不出東西來


The Sopranos 2x04 - Commendatori 英文筆記

  • get one's shit together 把自己的事情處理好、把自己的東西整理好
    例:Somebody should tell Paramount Pictures to get their shit together.
  • Motrin 一種消炎藥
  • corps 軍團、團、隊
  • brogan 厚重的鞋子
  • scorching 燙傷人的、灼熱的
    例:Temperatures are expected to drop tomorrow after another scorching day in the city.
  • instrument panel 儀表板
  • The Pit and the Pendulum 小說《陷阱與鍾擺》
  • interlude 節目 (如音樂會、戲劇) 之間的插曲
  • counter 廚房常見的長桌 (有點像吧檯)
  • jet lag 因時差感到疲倦
    例:It's a business trip. It's not worth the jet lag.
  • button 黑幫裡階級較高的位置
    例:The Moltisanti kid might get his button.
  • social graces 有禮貌、社交禮節
    例:I knew this guy when he had social graces.
  • bachelor party 單身派對 (結婚前夕單身男性派對)
  • nosy 愛管閒事的
  • lump 隆起、腫塊
    例:They found a lump under my arm. They biopsied it. I get the results in a couple of days.
  • biopsy 組織切片檢查
  • WD-40 一種防鏽噴劑
  • pocketknife 隨身小折刀
  • malignant 惡性的,benign 的相反詞。
  • mural 壁畫
  • skank 私生活很亂的年輕女子、破麻
  • crater 火山口、彈坑
  • call wait 電話插播
    例:Hang on Gab, call waiting. It may be Tony from Italy.
  • hang on 不掛斷、堅持下去
  • wink 眨眼、瞬間
    例:I didn't sleep a wink last night.
  • titanium 鈦
  • Corso 義大利羅馬知名的一條路
  • fill an order 執行訂單、依訂單出貨
  • disposal 管理、支配、處置 (有丟棄的意思)
    例:Nino is happy to be at your disposal.
  • ship off = send away 遣送 
  • bale 一大包
    例:They got bales of liquid cash.
  • liquid cash 流動現金
  • octopus 章魚
  • expressway 高速公路
  • hassle 爭論、騷擾
    例:I'm sorry if he's hassling you.
  • put out 製造麻煩、不方便
    例:I don't want to put you out.
  • hoof 蹄、走、步行
    例:I'm gonna hoof it back to the Excelsior.
  • formality 禮節、儀式
    例:You know how these people are all about formalities.
  • firecracker 爆竹、鞭炮
  • bland 溫和的、平淡的、無趣的
  • rutabaga 蕪菁甘藍,外觀像蕃薯。
  • Imodium 一種腸胃藥
  • docking facility = dock 碼頭
  • spare time 閒餘時間、空閒時間
    例:I hope we get some spare time. I'm gonna see that volcano.
  • sexual harassment 性騷擾
  • hoot 按汽車喇叭、學貓頭鷹叫、喊叫
  • medieval 中世紀的、中古的
  • ilk 同一類的 (人)
    例:No sons, I hope. Three more of his ilk, we don't need.
  • macho 強壯的男人、有男子氣概的
    例:He's very macho.
  • swagger 嚇唬、虛張聲勢嚇人、吹牛
    例:He's a swaggering mama's boy.
  • Madonna/whore 弗洛伊德的「母親 / 妓女情節」,描述小時候沒得到母愛的男人,會將妻子當做母親做為心理補償,而性只留給其他他認為是「不好」的女人。
  • sacred 神聖的、莊嚴的
  • institution 機構、慣例、習俗、傳統
    例:Family is a sacred institution.
  • fan the flames 煽風點火、火上加油
    例:You're trying to fan the flames with Richie Aprile, of all people?
  • plight 困境、苦衷、困難
    例:Richie, because of his life experience in prison, he has a sensitivity to the plight of women.
  • I'll be dipped in shit. 當你覺得別人在唬爛時,說這句「如果是這樣,我就去浸在屎裡面」,表示不相信。
  • nursemaid 育嬰女傭
  • come into possession of sth. 佔有或獲得某物
    例:If your enemy comes into possession of your nail or your hair clippings, they can make the evil on you.
  • clairvoyant 千里眼、有洞察力的人
  • wood chipper 把木頭切成木片或木屑的機器
  • indigestion 消化不良
  • sophomore 二年級、兩年經驗
    例:Kevin is just starting his sophomore year of college.
  • NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organization 北大西洋公約組織
  • ski lift 載滑雪者上山的吊車
  • sibyl 古羅馬的女巫、女預言師、女算命師
  • inhale 吸入、吸氣
    例:The rulers would come across the ancient world to hear the Sibyl's predictions of their future. She would sit inside the cave inhaling gases. Possibly volcanic, no longer active, and would speak in a voice not her own. Delivering unto them their fates.
  • shaft of light 從天空射下來的光芒
  • I don't shit where I eat. 不跟同事或生意夥伴談戀愛。
  • timetable = schedule 時間表
  • duty-free = tax-free 免稅的,例:duty-free shop。
  • Who put eight great tomatoes in that little bitty can? 美國 50 年代著名蕃茄醬廣告詞