The Sopranos 3x04 - Employee of the Month 英文筆記

  • conceited 自負的、驕傲的、自以為是的
    例:You're so conceited.
  • You think the synergy escapes me? 你以為我看不出這兩者之間的關係嗎?
  • boycott 聯合抵制、拒絕參加
    例:Better I should boycott with the National Italian American Foundation and save the world from what is it this week? Gangster?
  • fest = festival
  • thug 惡棍、暴徒、幫派份子
    例:I'm so fed up with people assuming I'm thug because my name ends in a vowel.
  • grandeur = grandness 偉大、莊嚴
    例:Hollywood tries to give these sociopaths the tragic grandeur of Al Pacino.
  • con 欺騙、詐騙
    例:The guy's conning you.
  • condescend 謙遜、屈尊、卑躬屈膝
    例:Condescend to me, Richard. It gets me so hot.
  • straw house 稻草屋
  • pink-slip 解雇、打發誰走
    例:Pink-slip this guy. He's dangerous.
  • proactive 事前主動的
    例:You're the one who wanted to take a proactive approach.
  • shy away from 避開 (麻煩的工作)
    例:He shies away from anything that requires effort.
  • patriarchal 父系的、男性領導的
    例:Of course Richard's gonna be protective and patriarchal.
  • adamant 固執的、堅定的
    例:He's been so adamant.
  • button man 打手、黑幫裡較低階的位置
  • gain insight 獲取新知、增長知識
    例:You've helped him gain what insight he's able to absorb.
  • dye 染色、著色
  • exemplify 例證、例示
    例:I'm making a documentary. The World War II generation and their music, exemplified by Ma.
  • Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine 美國一處相傳藏金豐富的地方,現已禁止淘金。
  • spar 拳擊練習
    例:I wanna meet my bud at the gym, we're gonna spar.
  • mink 貂、貂皮大衣
  • hydraulic 水力的、水壓的
  • shish kebab 烤肉串
    例:I ought to stick a shish kebab up your ass.
  • provoke 激怒、煽動、挑撥
    例:Why do you provoke me?
  • wop 義大利人 (有貶意)
  • breadbasket 麵包籃、胃、肚子
    例:School this prick. In the breadbasket!
  • racial slur 種族歧視的用語
  • welcome wagon 祝賀喬遷的禮物車
  • housewarming 喬遷慶宴
    例:Carmela's bringing something nice to the housewarming for Ginny.
  • mediocre 中等的、普通的、平凡的、不好不壞的
    例:I don't see what's so great about it. It's mediocre.
  • tollbooth 收費站
  • How many _____ does it take to change a light bulb? 美國的電燈泡笑話。____ 處填某個國家或族群的人,用來諷刺那些人不討喜的特色,連換個燈泡都要怎樣。
    例:How many Neapolitans does it take to screw in a light bulb? There's only candles in Naples right now. The cardinal of the church controls that racket. (諷刺 Naples 的落後)
  • cardinal 主要的、主教
  • sand monkey 中東人 (有貶意)
  • hold out on sb. 不付錢
    例:Sand monkey on 17 is holding out on us.
  • have a chip on one's shoulder 滿腹委屈、憤恨不平
    例:The kid's got a chip on his shoulder.
  • pencil prick 形容老二很小,跟鉛筆一樣細。
  • The bottom line speaks loudest. 結果會說話。
  • pawn off 去除、趕走 (有計劃性地)
    例:When it gets hard, you pawn me off on somebody else.
  • swab 擦拭、紗布、醫用海綿
    例:She's almost done. We just need a few more swabs.
  • sprain 扭、扭傷
    例:It's just really badly sprained.
  • apprehended 逮捕、理解、擔憂
    例:We apprehended somebody with the description at Popeye's Chicken not far from the scene.
  • palm pilot = PDA 掌上型電腦
  • arthritis 關節炎
  • line up 嫌疑犯排成一列,讓目擊者或受害者指認。
    例:Detective Piersol was gonna call when you were ready for us to come down the line up.
  • chain of custody 合法拘留所需的一系列文件
  • foul up 搞糟、搞砸
    例:They had to let him go because fouled up the chain of custody.
  • escort 護衛、護送
    例:You're gonna have to have someone escourt you to your car at night.
  • deserted 荒廢的、荒蕪的
    例:Deserted parking garages are where a huge percentage of these attacks happen.
  • stairwell 樓梯井
  • register 顯露、流露
    例:I registered surprise.
  • misdeed 罪行、犯罪
    例:Are you so ashamed of your background that any misdeed by an Italian somehow damages your self-esteem?
  • prudently 慎重地、明智地
  • tip over 翻倒、推翻
    例:She could tip it over.
  • deadbeats 懶鬼、借債不還的人
  • illiterate 文盲、不識字的
  • condominium = condo
  • long-neglected 被長久忽視的
  • self-perpetuating 自我延續的。例:self-perpetuating revenue base。
  • tri-state area 三州交界之地
  • dry wall 沒用水泥黏合的石牆
  • moniker 名字、綽號
    例:Lord Fuckpants? Whose moniker is that?
  • startle 驚嚇、吃驚
    例:It startled me.
  • shower 為即將結婚或生小孩的女人所辦的派對
    例:How was your cousin's shower?
  • sleeve 套子 (如裝筆電的套子)
  • samovar 俄國的一種茶壺
  • avocado 酪梨、黃綠色
  • dressing 醬料
    例:I'll have a chicken avocado wrap, no dressing, and a coke.
  • wrap 卷餅
  • callous 無情的、冷酷的、堅硬的
    例:Are you people really so callous?
  • honeymooner 度蜜月的人
  • psyche 靈魂、心理
  • rottweiler 挪威納,一種德國犬。
  • compact 契約、協議
    例:I'm not going to break the social compact.
  • utterly 完全、絕對、全然
    例:I give myself up utterly and totally to God.
  • stampede 驚逃、亂竄、蜂擁、潰散
    例:How about that stampede in Zimbabwe? Soccer game.
  • cane 手杖、藤條、拐杖
  • give the boot 趕走、解雇
    例:I've been getting the distinct feeling that you're giving me the boot.


The Sopranos 3x03 - Fortunate Son 英文筆記

  • camellia 山茶花
  • cuff 袖口、手拷
    例:Shoot your cuffs. 把襯杉袖口拉出來,讓它露在外套袖口的外面。
  • pound 敲打、劇烈跳動、重擊
    例:My heart's still pounding.
  • boil down 熬濃、濃縮、摘要
    例:When you think of all the headaches most human beings have in life, ours are boiled down to one. Not a bad deal, huh?
  • riverfront 河邊、臨河
    例:Anything on the riverfront esplanade project in Newark?
  • esplanade 海岸旁的走道
  • state assembly 州參議院
    例:My guys on the state assembly, he says the matching funds are this close.
  • matching funds 配對經費 (專有名詞)
  • spell 短暫的 (意識) 模糊
  • epileptic 癲癇的、癲癇症患者
    例:Julius Caesar was an epileptic.
  • stigmata 聖痕 (耶穌被釘十字架在手腳上留下的傷痕)
  • court order 法院命令
    例:He got court-ordered for that thing with his wife.
  • dial tone 撥號音 (電話一拿起來時的聲音)
  • disrepair 失修、荒廢
    例:So maybe for security reason, or so it don't fall into disrepair, you could stay there.
  • alma mater 大學、學校
    例:We were just talking about our former alma mater.
  • prong 用叉子刺、分開、貫穿
    例:The latest thought on treatment of Panic Attack Syndrome is a three-pronged approach.
  • delve 探究、鑽研、挖掘
    例:We'll have to delve deeper. Focus.
  • snuggle 依偎、緊抱
    例:They were on the couch, watching TV. Snuggling.
  • buckwheat 喬麥、黑人 (有貶意)
  • onset 進攻、攻擊、肇端、開端
    例:The first onset of hyperventilation, that occurred upon seeing the rice?
  • hyperventilation 快速用力的呼吸,昏迷前的徵兆。
  • kick off 開球 (美式足球)
    例:Closing Ohio State, guys. They're kicking off.
  • point spread 一種賭博的方式,如賭球賽的差分。
  • field-goal kicker 射門員
  • When the frost is on the punkin (and the fodder's in the shock). 指入秋,天氣開始轉涼。出自 James Whitcomb Riley 的詩《霜降南瓜》。
  • mortadella 一種義大利香腸、loser
  • be Satan to 對誰嚴厲、兇
    例:I'm Satan to this kid, just because I'm in love with his mom.
  • heart-to-heart 感性對談
    例:Maybe he'll sit him down for a heart-to-heart.
  • drag in 拉進來、扯進來
    例:Don't drag in our friendship. This isn't about that.
  • malocchio = evil eye 憤怒的眼神、瞪
    例:Don't give me the malocchio. I'm not the one with the short bag.
  • osteopathy 整骨術 
  • periodontist 牙周病醫師 
  • got a nose for 對什麼有天份、有直覺反應
    例:You got a nose for the ball, and that can't be taught.
  • leverage 槓桿作用
  • footwork 腳力、用腳技巧
    例:The defensive lineman, you gotta have leverage and you gotta have footwork.
  • sled = sleigh 雪橇
  • raw 傷害、疼痛
    例:I remember staying after practice every day hitting that sled till my shoulder was raw.
  • tackle 處理、應付、扭倒、撞倒 (美式足球)
    例:You need good bones for those open field tackles.
  • Possession is 9/10 of law. 指在法律上,若兩方都無法證明某樣東西是自己的,佔用權則歸屬目前的擁有者。
  • hysterectomy 子宮切除
  • tennis bracelet = diamond bracelet 鑽石手鍊。源自網球明星 Christ Evert 在比賽中遺失鑽石手鍊的事件。
  • Range Rover 一種高級的 SUV
  • Sprite 雪碧
  • Halcyon 一種安眠藥
    例:She put into my Sprite three Halcyon.
  • calfskin 小牛皮
  • backtalk 頂嘴
    例:You're gonna backtalk me now?
  • standing rib roast 一種高級的烤牛肉,之所以叫 "standing" 是因為肉是立著烤的。
  • pinky 小指頭
    例:- You father never cut off anybody's pinky? - That's traumatic for anyone to witness, much less an 11-year-old.
  • much less = not to mention 更不用說 
  • get over one's head 有麻煩了、失去控制
    例:He got over his head in debt. 他快被債務淹死了。
  • cold cuts 冷肉切片
  • madeleine 一種茶甜、餅乾
  • Marcel Proust 法國作家,著有經典名作《Remembrance of Things Past》。
  • root cause 根源
    例:Understanding root causes will make you less vulnerable to future episodes.
  • vulnerable 無防備的、易受傷害的、有弱點的
  • head is swimming / spinning 頭昏腦漲、暈頭轉向
    例:My fucking head is swimming here.
  • quarterback 四分衛 (美式足球)
  • tailback 大排長龍的車子、後衛 (美式足球)
  • sambo 黑人 (有貶意)
  • make a scene 大吵大鬧、小題大作
    例:If you want to make a big scene at your daughter's new college, then comb your hair and come right along.
  • comb 梳頭髮、用梳子整理、徹底搜查
  • punch one's lights out 一拳打昏某人 (K.O.)
    例:He's lucky I didn't punch his fucking lights out.
  • subject to 使服從於、使隸屬於、使經受 (什麼的影響)
    例:You wanted your father to come here for what? To subject your friend to this again?
  • retrograde 倒退的、退化的、惡化的
    例:The rest of the world should work around his racist, retrograde, fucking-asshole personality?
  • the third millennium 西元 2001~3000 年
  • catch on 了解狀況
    例:Noah's not stupid. It took him a while, but he caught on.
  • fuel 加燃料、火上加油、促進
    例:I'm gonna keep my mouth shut, because I know anything I say to you, or your father, will just fuel this.
  • preposterous = ridiculous 荒膠的、不合理的
  • karmic 因果的、命運的 (佛教用語)
    例:If you see some karmic connection between your taking mother's records and the disappearance of your leg, wow!
  • locksmith 鎖匠
  • benefit concert 慈善演唱會
  • autograph 簽名
  • hype 刺激、促使
    例:Little Jackie hyped us to a score at Rutgers campus, not bad.
  • smelt 嗅、聞、銀白魚
    例:Have a smelt.
  • knock 挫折、不幸
    例:He had a few knocks, but it came out alright in the end.
  • strip search 搜身 (檢查看是否有毒品或武器)
    例:They're subject to strip search for wires. 他們受命搜身檢查竊聽器。
  • augment 加強、擴大
    例:He had to augment his kick this week with a stickup out at the Rutgers little Jackie put him onto.
  • stickup 強盜、搶劫 (持槍的)
  • sideline 邊界 (球場)
    例:He's on the sidelines three whole quarters waiting.


The Sopranos 3x02 - Proshai Livushka 英文筆記

  • crescent wrench 扳手,用來轉螺絲的。
  • common room = sitting room 大廳、會客室 (通常指學校裡的)
  • lavender 薰衣草、淡紫色
  • screen 放映
    例:I appreciate you letting us screen here.
  • buff 很喜歡某種東西的人,例:film buff 影痴。
  • modernity 現代性、新式
    例:Some say Hawks made the genre with Scarface, but Cagney was modernity.
  • capitalist 資本家、資本主義者
  • affiliation 相關的東西、附帶物、連繫
    例:They can't ask about religion affiliation.
  • instigate 煽動、挑動、慫恿
    例:You were so good for months. If you didn't instigate things...
  • butterhead 黑人 (有貶意)
  • book on tape = audiobook 有聲書
    例:I brought some books on tape, since you say you can't concentrate to read.
  • witness stand 證人席
    例:What are you gonna say when they put you on the witness stand?
  • hanky 手帕
    例:Don't wave your hanky at me.
  • snob 勢利鬼、自大鬼
  • Swahili 一種非洲語
  • clasp 鉤子、扣子
    例:I need your help with this clasp.
  • slug 重擊、打擊、揍
    例:Please, you ain't gonna slug me, are you?
  • nightgown 女睡衣 (連身的)
  • snowy 下雪的、被雪覆蓋的。例:Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening。
  • close reading 讀書報告、讀書心得
    例:I have to turn in a close read by tomorrow.
  • sleigh 雪橇、乘雪橇
    例:A horse that's pulling a sleigh.
  • The Big Sleep 小說書名,意思是「死」。
  • remembrance 回憶、回想、追憶會
    例:- Ma didn't want any kind of service, no remembrance at all. - So we'll pick out a simple urn or whatever.
  • urn 骨灰罈、甕、缸
  • colder than a witch's tit 形容很冷
    例:That case is colder than your tit.
  • coach 經濟艙
  • breeze 快速地移動、風吹似地走、吹著微風
  • carve up 切開、分割
    例:Don't come breezing in here when it comes time to carve up the estate.
  • wishing well 許願池
    例:I wish you was a wishing well, then I could tie a bucket to you and sink you.
  • in line for 排隊等什麼
    例:My crew is in line for the Raritan Township contract.
  • hearing aid 助聽器
    例:I'm gonna turn up my hearing aid so I don't miss it.
  • play footsie 在桌下用腳調情或玩耍、私下串通
    例:He know who's in line for the contract, but he keep playing footsie with Albert.
  • trophy 戰利品、獎品;trophy case 獎盃或獎狀的展示櫃
  • condolence 哀悼、吊唁
    例:Please accept my condolences. (對別人家有人去世表示哀悼)
  • envision 想像、預想
    例:We're not envisioning any visitation hours for Mom?
  • morgue 太平間、停屍房
    例:Is she still down at the hospital morgue?
  • shindig 派對、舞會
    例:I thought maybe we'd have a shindig at the house.
  • unloving 沒有愛心的、冷淡的
  • cheapskate 守財奴、吝嗇鬼
    例:I know what Mom's wishes were, but not to have a wake or a funeral? It makes us look like unloving children, not to mention cheapskates.
  • overleaf 在背頁地、在次頁地
    例:I'll do the painting for the overleaf for the program at the service. Motifs from the Mexican Day of the Dead.
  • motif 主題、動機、意念 
  • Gorgonzola 一種義大利乾酪
  • let off 寬恕、饒
    例:You're letting her off.
  • Office Depot 辦公室用品連鎖店
  • sourpuss 難以滿足、成天抱怨的人
    例:Maybe it was us kids who turned her into a freaking sourpuss.
  • be cut out to be / be cut out for 很適合做什麼事
    例:- My shrink says that all women aren't cut out to be mothers. - Is that a slam at me?
  • slam 嚴厲的批評
  • tantrum 發脾氣、發怒、生氣
    例:- Could we not, huh? With the tantrums? - For this shit, I miss the Jets' first home game?
  • home game 地主隊的比賽
  • dispensation 分配、管理、許可
    例:I got a dispensation from the marshals.
  • assemblyman 議員
  • ward 區、部門
    例:You know State Assemblyman Zellman, right? From the 8th Ward?
  • charcoal 木炭、炭筆
  • broil 烤
    例:It's all that charcoal-broiled meat you people ate.
  • soigné = soignee = elegant 文雅的、端莊的
    例:This is a funeral. Enough of her soigné attitude.
  • sore 疼痛的、心痛的
    例:I'm hoping to use this sad occasion to put bitterness and sore-headed feeling aside.
  • fed up 厭煩、受夠了
    例:- Don't make me say things to you that we'll both regret. - Go ahead, I'm fucking fed up.
  • coupon 折價卷、優待券
    例:Stay home, clip your coupons. Be a happy man.
  • chink 中國佬 (有貶意)
  • gracious 親切的、高尚的
    例:The Lord make his face to shine upon her and be gracious to her. The Lord lift up his countenance upon her and give her peace.
  • countenance 面容、支持
  • clam up 閉口不談、拒絕開口說話
    例:He won't discuss it. He clams up.
  • sendoff 恭賀、送葬、葬禮 (下棺時的禮儀)
  • in mint condition 狀況很好、很新的
    例:Many of the records were in mint condition.
  • bogart 霸佔、私自地佔據
    例:This is just about you bogarting those discs for your ass.
  • discography 唱片目錄
    例:I want the entire discography back at the house by this weekend.
  • extol 頌揚、讚揚、稱讚
    例:The rabbi's supposed to extol the virtues of the deceased.
  • virtue 德行、美德、貞操
  • dead silence 沉寂一片
  • mince words 說話婉轉、不直接指出
    例:I guess what struck me most was she didn't mince words. Between brain and mouth, there was no interlocutor.
  • interlocutor 對話者、對談者
  • What's good for the goose is good for the gander. 對待母鵝跟對待公鵝一樣好,意思是不管是男是女都一視同仁。
  • rest on (one's) laurels 倚靠以前的成就過活或維持名聲;laurel 桂冠、授予榮譽
    例:My mother didn't let me rest on those laurels.
  • Wildflowers blossom best among the rocks, with little water. (佳句)
  • varsity letter 校隊獎章
  • beaut 漂亮的東西或人物
    例:Everyone's telling stories of her. I got a beaut.
  • paranoia 偏執狂、妄想狂
  • crock 瓦缸、瓦壼、瓦罐
    例:This is such a crock of shit.
  • evade 躲避、回避、逃避
    例:Evading and smiling, passing out cheese puffs. Over a woman who was terribly dysfunctional!
  • puff 泡芙
  • Minister of Propaganda 宣傳部長。由於希特勒第三帝國的宣傳部用的就是 propaganda 這個字,所以在二戰後,propaganda 有負面的意思,指政府的洗腦宣傳。因此現今政府宣傳都不會用 propaganda 這個字。
  • yoke 用來栓住兩頭牛的器具、奴役
    例:We suffered for years under the yoke of that woman. She estranged us from our own daughter.
  • estrange 使疏遠、挑撥離間


The Sopranos 3x01 - Mr. Ruggerios Neighborhood 英文筆記

  • compost 堆肥、混合物
    例:I think at this point it's time to consider 16, Bonpensiero, compost.
  • cartel 企業聯合
    例:No doubt about it, the cartel had him whacked.
  • due diligence 謹慎、小心、一絲不苟 (為了整個組織的利益)
    例:Tony shows real due diligence when it comes to electronic debugging.
  • parabolic 拋物線的、碟狀的 (可能指 satellite dish)
    例:If he has to, he'll take somebody out by the pool. Except there he fear parabolics.
  • AC duct = air condition duct 空調傳輸管線
  • surreptitiously 秘密地、偷偷地、不正當地
    例:Surreptitiously enter said premises and leave without notice.
  • said 上述的
  • fabricate 製造、偽造、組裝、杜撰
    例:Once that's decided, the listening device will be fabricated.
  • Better Homes and Gardens 美國居家裝潢雜誌
  • stationery store 文具店
  • dart 飛標、投射、縫褶
    例:I had him dart in the shoulder like she wanted and reinforced the hem.
  • hem 褶邊、褶縫
  • shoe lace 鞋帶
    例:You ever go to tie your shoes and you notice and the end of your shoe laces are wet? From where? You go in public bathrooms, you stand at the urinals.
  • urinal 小便斗、尿壺
  • bacteria 細菌
  • sole 鞋底、腳底
    例:Even if the lace is dry, and even if you don't touch the body of the shoe. Bacteria the virus migrate from the sole up.
  • shit house 廁所
    例:Your average men's shit house is a sewer.
  • maple 楓、楓木,例:maple walnut ice cream。
  • mothball 樟腦球、衛生球
    例:Urinals are jammed with cigarettes and mothball cakes.
  • germ 細菌 (致病的)、根源
  • neutralize 使無效、抵消、中和、中立化
    例:Phone line to alarm company's now neutralized.
  • siren 警報器、空襲警報
    例:Hold your breath, I'm clipping the siren wire.
  • morbid 疾病的、病態的、傷心的、沮喪的
    例:Why don't you leave the morbid shit back at junior's crew and have a happy birthday.
  • How green was my valley? 書名和電影標題,可用來比喻自己很快樂或悠閒。
  • muscle tone 肌肉張力、肌肉彈性
  • Snapple 飲料品牌,專出產果汁。
  • orthodontist 牙齒矯正醫師
  • ditch 蹺課、掘溝、拋棄
    例:What class you guys ditching?
  • jersey 運動衫
  • get hammered 酒醉、醉得很厲害
    例:God, did I get hammered?
  • frosh 大學新鮮人、大學一年級學生
  • unalterably 不能改變地
    例:I think New York is an experience that unalterably changes a person.
  • caper 續隨子、馬檳榔,一種可以吃的植物。
  • spangled 有發亮物品覆蓋或裝飾的
  • The Star-Spangle Banner 星條旗歌 (美國國歌)
  • shiver 打顫、發抖、顫抖、碎裂
    例:My house we're shivering after a show and a half.
  • magnification 放大
    例:Creep forward. Give us some magnification.
  • car pool 多人共乘一台車,每人輪流當司機。
  • handoff 美式足球員將球交付給另一名球員、接手
    例:I've got the handoff. 我已接手。
  • be a fixture somewhere 某地方的固定物,比喻常在某處出沒。
    例:Our friend is a fixture down threre and Joey says lately he's been into booze very heavy.
  • malt 麥芽、啤酒
  • launch into 開始
  • diatribe 惡罵、誹謗、譴責
    例:Patsy launches into this single malt diatribe about how people can smile in your face and be a villain.
  • villain 壞人、反派、惡棍
  • telepathy 心電感應,例:twin telepathy
  • grip 握牢、掌握、握緊
    例:Hit low to high, Carmela, and think about your grip.
  • racquet 球拍 (羽球或網球)
  • bearing (前進) 方向
    例:Mrs. Bing bearing north on Grandview Avenue.
  • guarantee 保證書
    例:Your guarantee's gotta be expired by now.
  • shit out of luck 衰、運氣不好
    例:We're shit out of luck till next Tuesday.
  • stake out 監視、監督
    例:Send somebody up there tomorrow, stake the house out.
  • mosque 清真寺
  • shortfall 不足、短缺
    例:Were you affected by any of the shortfalls?
  • out of the ordinary 不尋常的、特殊的
    例:Still nothing out of the ordinary.
  • Sugar Pops 早餐玉米片
  • flatbed 平板拖車
    例:Our unit saw Ruggerio come back with a flatbed and haul the old one out.
  • stale 不新鮮的、疲倦的、陳腐的
    例:We have to get this thing in there before our warrant goes stale.
  • switch box 交換器
  • cabbie = cabby = cab driver = taxi driver
  • coed 男女同校
    例:Is that school coed?
  • defer 延遲、延期、委託
    例:When Hadley heard I was deferring a year, she was like, "well that's sketchy."
  • sketchy 概略的、粗略的、寫生的
  • acid = LSD 迷幻藥
  • straightedge 不抽煙、不喝酒、不嗑藥的人
    例:- He's been doing all this acid. - God, he was so straightedge. - 他現在都在嗑藥。- 天啊,他以前很正直的耶。
  • BuSpar 一種抗焦慮的藥
  • weightlifter 舉重選手
    例:There was like, this weightlifter guy on the subway today. And he was eating these cacciatore chicken parts from this massive Tupperware thing and spitting the bones back in the container. And the whole car reeked.
  • cacciatore 用蕃茄、蘑菇和香料來烹煮的
  • Tupperware 特百惠,塑料公司。
  • grief 悲痛、悲傷、傷心事
    例:I put the grief behind me.
  • touchdown 著地、觸地得分
  • mildew 黴、發黴
    例:I can smell the mildew.
  • sump pump 用來吸去汙水池汙水的幫浦
  • concoct 調製、調和、發明
    例:Time and materials. I don't know how to concoct estimate.
  • sort through 翻找、檢查、挑選
    例:I have to sort through Meadow's laundry.
  • workout clothes / suit 運動服
    例:You got your workout clothes on, why don't you use it?
  • acidic 酸的
    例:It's not as acidic as the Italian one
  • roughage 粗食品、粗原料
    例:What you need is more roughage overall in your diet.


The Sopranos 2x13 - Funhouse 英文筆記

  • abusive 辱罵的、虐待的
    例:She was abusive to the staff!
  • shred 少量、碎片
    例:If you had a mother that had one shred of gratitude in her. But you don't.
  • take a page from one's book 跟誰學
    例:She's taking a page from your wife's book.
  • tarmac 停機坪、柏油路
  • zucchini 一種夏季南瓜
  • mussel 蚌類、蛤
  • fail to disappoint 不會令人失望
    例:So telecommuncations, once again, fails to disappoint?
  • front man 用來當掩護的人
  • acme 頂點、極致
    例:You buy a couple of million units of calling time from a carriers. You become Acme Telephone Card Company.
  • cut rate 減價、折扣,例:Calling cards at a cut rate.
  • on credit 賒帳
    例:You bought the bulk time on credit.
  • stiff 作弊沒付錢、欺騙
    例:The carrier gets stiffed. He cuts off service to the cardholders.
  • Vestimenta 男西裝品牌
  • merkin 假陰毛
    例:It's growing a beard or a merkin or something.
  • sable 貂皮、黑貂
  • vindaloo 辣咖哩
  • wog 中東人、印度人 (有貶意)
  • snitch 告密者、偷、告密
    例:One snitch I worked with became recycling and garbage commissioner of a good-sized city in Florida.
  • commissioner 委員、行政長官
  • good-sized 大的 
  • cocker spaniel 英國小獵犬
  • hole in one 一桿進洞
    例:Every Christmas, he sends out these typed reports of what his nieces and nephews have been doing. Who got into West Point. Who got a hole in one.
  • chatter 喋喋不休、卡搭作響、打顫
    例:Your teeth are chattering.
  • out of consideration 顧及、為了…起見、為誰著想
    例:Just out of consideration for others, you'd dump those mussels you gave me before you cause an outbreak.
  • outbreak 爆發、暴動
  • handpick 親手挑選
    例:- I handpick every piece of shellfish myself! - Oh ya? You smelling them as you're picking them or you're staring off into space? Worrying about paying your rent or whatever it is you worry about!
  • stare / gaze (off) into space 兩眼出神、發呆
  • undigested 未消化的
    例:The mussels came up undigested.
  • ghee 酥油,從牛奶中提煉,印度菜常用的油。
  • clarified butter 牛奶加熱去除沉澱後,留下來澄清無色的油,即酥油。
  • rancid 腐臭的、腐爛的、噁心的
    例:Ghee is clarified butter. You get a rancid hit of that.
  • cremation 火化、火葬、 焚化
    例:When Indira Gandhi got assassinated, I was watching the satellite feed when they broadcast the cremation. Did you know they doused the body and the funeral pyre in clarified butter just to get it burning?
  • douse 浸泡、弄溼
  • funeral pyre 火葬用的木柴堆
  • green around the gills 想吐的樣子、生病的樣子
    例:Tony's a little green around the gills. Flu, I'm guessing.
  • eat something (that) didn't agree with sb. 吃到自己不能吃的東西
  • salmonella 腸道沙門氏菌
  • pappadam 印度薄餅
  • course 一頓餐點中的一道菜 (主菜或配菜),例:three courses meal。
  • entree 入場權、主菜
  • boardwalk 木板路、木板鋪成的步道
  • carry off 因…而死、成功解決
    例:That's the friend that was almost carried off by the ducks, right?
  • immensely 龐大地、巨大地、無限地
    例:I find you immensely attractive.
  • go out of one's way = make an effort 用盡辦法、努力、竭力
    例:You go out of your way to repulse me.
  • grit 咬緊、咬牙切齒、發出刺耳的摩擦聲
    例:He's gritting his teeth. He's freezing.
  • E. coli = Escherichia coli 大腸桿菌
  • campylobacter 曲狀桿菌
  • raghead = towelhead 中東人、印度人 (指頭上綁頭巾,有貶意)
  • microbial 微生物的、細菌引起的
    例:Those spices kill microbial agents. Very smart.
  • pass over 忽略、忽視、略過
    例:You passed me over for promotion.
  • flop 回來拍打、摔落、失敗
    例:I want to see you flopping around down there.
  • cramp 抽筋、痙攣、肌肉收縮而痛
    例:Cramps are gone. I gotta go out.
  • consomme 清燉肉湯
  • mulch 護根、護蓋物,撒在植物根部避免失水或失溫的葉子或稻草。
  • sea legs 明明站著不動卻感覺自己在動。在船上待幾小時後,剛下船到陸地時,會不習慣,有自己在動的錯覺。
  • trot 很長的路途、拉肚子、腹瀉、落賽
    例:You're sure want to go out today? Just getting over the trots.
  • Time and tide wait for no man. 歲月不饒人、時間不等人
  • (ship) displacement 排水量
    例:This ship got a decent displacement for its size.
  • mahogany 一種紅褐色的木材
  • gossip column 報紙上的八卦專欄
  • disinformation 假情報
  • harm's way 危險的處境、危險的路
    例:I would do nothing, Tony, to put you in harm's way.
  • tip off 洩漏、告密、透露情報
    例:That's how they got tipped off about the Bevilaqua hit?
  • amount to 總計、加起來等於
    例:None of it amounted to anything.
  • mind fuck 惡整某人的腦袋、耍
    例:I'm mind-fucking these donkeys like you wouldn't believe.
  • swell (微微上下起伏的) 海浪
  • Second Coming 耶穌第二次降臨,做最後審判。
    例:I tell you, this broad. Her ass was the Second Coming.
  • snap at 抓、咬、向誰叫罵、向誰發怒或生氣
    例:Don't snap at me, okay? Don't press your luck with this diarrhea.
  • push / press one's luck 把運氣推走,比喻在好的情況下還冒險、得寸進尺。
  • parrot 鸚鵡
  • mean well 用意良善、為誰好
    例:You have to understand that your father means well.
  • capital punishment = death penalty 死刑;captital crime 死罪
  • collude = conspire 同謀、共謀、勾結、串通
    例:A year ago you mother colluded to have to killed. Yet your never say "boo" about that. Even when I try to elicit.
  • elicit 引出、帶出、抽出
  • inflict 施以、加害
    例:If she tried to have to killed a year ago, believe me, in your childhood, she's inflicted serious psychic injuries that are still there.
  • food for thoughts 精神糧食、發人深省的事;snacks for thoughts 不是非常重要,但可以娛樂或調劑心靈的事。
  • rant 大聲責罵、叫罵、咆哮
    例:You go off on a racist rant about Indian food and your "demented old bat" of a mother.
  • small potatoes 小數目 (常用來指錢)
    例:The youth. That's what's important. What we do is small potatoes.
  • pinch 節省
    例:He got accepted at Georgetown. It's a little money pinch.
  • run specials 推出特別活動、優惠專案
    例:The airlines are running specials nonstop into Nevada.