The Sopranos 2x12 - The Knight in White Satin Armor 英文筆記

  • settee 沙發 (椅腳比 sofa 長)
  • Starving Students 美國搬家公司
  • glide 滑動、滑行
    例:These floors have wonderful glide.
  • (as) proud as punch 非常驕傲、趾高氣揚
    例:His dad must be proud as punch.
  • wastrel 揮霍者、愛浪費的人
    例:Go join your wastrel friends.
  • dirt bike 越野摩托車
  • stadium 露天大型運動場 (如巨蛋)
  • The transmission slipped out of gear. 履帶脫離齒輪。
  • plank 木板、舖板
  • codependent 相互依存
    例:Be a codependent to a shitbag.
  • hardship 艱難、苦難
    例:My cousin Larry wants the Fairfield contract. Being the hardship on his family and whatnot, while he's awaiting trail.
  • hemorrhage 出血
  • spondulick 大筆的錢
    例:I'm hemorrhaging spondulicks here. 我的荷包正在大失血。
  • litigation 訴訟
    例:I want to bring on specialized counsel to handle the wiretap litigation.
  • ballpark figure 大概的數字、估計數字
  • lifeline 救生索、命脈、重要航線、
    例:That coke is my lifeline right now.
  • feel out = sound out 探聽某人的想法或意見
    例:Go talk to Ally Boy. Feel him out.
  • moxie 膽量、勇氣
    例:He's got tremendous moxie for his size.
  • axle 輪軸
  • turn one's head (on sth.) 改變立場、改變態度
    例:The bureau would never turn its head on a murder charge.
  • a block of 一大塊
    例:Tony made a guy order blocks of these things through his sporting goods store.
  • go out the window 消失、不見、離開
    例:Any faith I had went out the window that very day.
  • hand out 拿出來、分發
    例:All I do is, I hand out money.
  • in denial 拒絕相信某件事是真的
    例:You're in a bit of denial. Richie was always a disturbed kid.
  • senile 老年的、高齡的
    例:She's just too senile to remember who she hates.
  • ashram 嬉皮群居村、印度教修行的地方
    例:I don't know what made me think I was gonna find anybody halfway decent in an ashram in Pradesh.
  • knock one's socks off = amaze 令人驚豔、太棒了
    例:I just wanted to say that you knock my socks off.
  • sleeping pill 安眠藥
  • cirrhosis 硬化,例:cirrhosis of  the liver。
  • hope chest 嫁妝箱
  • radiant 光芒四射的、容光煥發的、洋溢幸福的
    例:Remember how radiant I looked walking down that aisle?
  • aisle 走道、座位旁的走道、教堂中間的走道
  • get off 性高潮、性興奮
    例:- You let him hold a gun to your head during sex? - Ya, if that gets him off. It's not any different than garter belts and nurse's uniforms.
  • garter belt 吊襪腰帶
  • fetishistic 崇拜物神的、戀物的
  • lard 豬油
  • turn the corner 好轉
    例:He turned some corner.
  • Stockholm Syndrome 人質情結,指受害者對犯罪者產生情感。
  • dermabrasion 去疤手術、磨皮手術
    例:You talk to the king of dermabrassion about what went down?
  • Plexiglas 樹脂玻璃
    例:He's looking at his reflection in the Plexiglas.
  • bang 性交
    例:I was banging her for two years.
  • out of the picture 不在了、退出行動
    例:You take him out of the picture, believe me, everybody's gonna come along.
  • setback 挫折、阻礙、退步
    例:We can't be too fucked up by this setback.
  • screw your courage to the sticking-place 把勇氣固定住,比喻毅然決然、堅定、堅持到底,出自莎士比亞。
    例:We gotta screw our courage to the post.
  • awe 敬畏、尊敬、害怕
    例:I'm in awe of you.
  • Dow Jones 道瓊指數
  • rally 集合、重振、召集
    例:It rallied more than 100 points midday.
  • midday 中午、正午
  • pharmaceutical 藥物的、藥學的
  • Pokemon card 神奇寶貝卡
  • convertible 有活動敞篷的 (車)、可轉換的
  • ascertain 確認、確定
  • salad spinner 一種廚房用品,沙拉脫水機。
  • political rehabilitation 政治人物或組織平反汙名
  • gutter 排水溝 (屋簷或路邊的)、槽
    例:I'm gonna get started on your gutters tomorrow.
  • atrium 中庭、心房
  • depart 起程、出發、離開
    例:5:16 AM. Subjects departing Searchlight Diner.
  • almanac 曆書、年鑒
    例:The planner check the almanac and he says there's 65% historical chance of rain on the twelfth.
  • fox trot 狐步舞
    例:He wouldn't miss an opportunity to fox trot and tango in front of everybody.
  • cabinet 櫥櫃、內閣
  • leave the scene 離開現場、肇事逃逸
    例:They were gonna pinch you for leaving the scene, but I got you out of it.
  • LCN = La Cosa Nostra 黑道、黑手黨
  • misspent 浪費、虛度
    例:I hate LCN. I know I misspent most of my life.
  • salvage and crusher 這兩個字一起出現時,通常指美國收廢車或零件公司,auto crusher 是用來壓爛汽車的機器,auto salvage 是將汽車零件拼一拼,再拿出來賣。
  • jilt 拋棄、甩掉
    例:He probably jilted her. It's the story of her life.
  • nag 嘮叨、碎碎念、批評、使困擾、使煩惱
    例:You're always nagging her about her weight.
  • tramp 妓女、乞丐、流浪漢
    例:She goes out on a date, you call her a tramp!
  • narcissistic 自戀的、自我陶醉的
    例:She says that our mother has a narcissistic personality.
  • no prize as 不是模範的、做得不是很好
    例:Grandpa Vito was no prize as a father.
  • blow one's stack at sb. 發怒、生氣
    例:I used to suggest it, and you'd blow your stack at me.
  • pine cone 松果、松球
  • accessory 共謀、幫兇、配件
    例:For 18 years of marriage, don't make me make you an accessory after the fact.
  • tennis clinic 網球訓練班


The Sopranos 2x11 - House Arrest 英文筆記

  • plead 懇求、答辯
    例:I can plead him out at three to five. 我可以幫他求到三到五 (年)。
  • "When you look long into an abyss, the abyss looks into you." -Nietzsche
  • close call 九死一生
    例:A very close call, that brush with the murder beef.
  • beef 告發
  • insulate 隔離、絕緣
    例:Insulate yourself from these shenanigans. I told you once already.
  • shenanigan 惡作劇、欺騙、壞勾當
  • tax return 納稅申報單
  • sledgehammer 大鐵鎚
  • incision 切割、切開 (特別指手術)
    例:That's just the incision where I inserted the stent.
  • stent 手術後用來撐開血管的小管子
  • bedpan 便盆
  • discotheque 迪斯可舞廳
  • magnifying glass 放大鏡
  • mourn = grieve 哀痛、哀悼
    例:You're still in mourning over the coming of managed care?
  • managed care 健康管理 (目的在降低醫療成本和促進醫療品質)
  • lift weights 舉重
    相關字:pump iron 健身 (不特別指舉重)
  • bunion 姆囊腫
  • mater 母親 (拉丁字)
  • IHOP 美國連鎖早餐店
  • self-indulgent 對自己縱容的、放縱的
    例:She was a little self-indulgent when it came to the office supplies. (暗指她喜歡偷辦公室用品)
  • rack 一對大胸部
    例:Nice rack!
  • born-again Christian 重生基督徒,也就是新教徒。
  • illustrated man 有刺青的人
  • blow = coke 古柯鹼
  • talk sb. out of sth. 說服某人打消念頭或不要做某事
    例:He said last time he wanted to stop coming, but I talked him out of it.
  • pituitary 腦垂體
  • train wreck 火車車禍,常來比喻你知道即將發生,但卻無能為力的災難。
    例:It's like that thing with watching a train wreck.
  • repulse 拒絕、厭惡、擊退
    例:I'm afraid and repulsed by what he might tell me.
  • ramp up 增加、加強、上升、促進 (活動或生產)
    例:It'll ramp up to eight pounds per cubic inch.
  • obstructive 妨礙的、阻礙的、阻塞的
    例:Obstructive sleep apnea is serious.
  • apnea 呼吸暫停、窒息
  • REM = rapid eye movement 快速眼動期
  • arousal 喚起、刺激 (可以指性方面)、覺醒
    例:Nurse: Testing shows REM-wise you have 40 arousals per hour.
    Junior: More, since I met you. Such a thing to say.
    Nurse: "Arousals" means a change in your stages of sleep. You are such a flirt.
  • dreadnought 無畏戰艦 (一種強大的武器)
  • cleavage 乳溝、切縫、分割、切開
  • finger food 用手直接拿來吃的食物
  • landfill 垃圾掩埋 (地)
  • in triplicate 三份、三倍
    例:I gotta file it in triplicate every day.
  • breathe down one's neck 嚴密地監視、緊緊地盯住
    例:The FBI and the DEA are gonna be breathing down our necks again.
  • municipality 自治市、自治區
  • curbside 人行道的邊緣
  • seaboard = seacoast 海岸
  • wring 扭、擰
    例:If it was a man, you'd wring his neck.
  • preliminary 初步的、早期的、預備的
    例:I have your preliminary results.
  • put one's finger on 找出問題的癥結、原因
    例:I'll be relieved when somebody puts their finger on whatever the fuck it is that's wrong with me.
  • ladyfinger 鬆脆餅
  • crumb cake 一種上面灑有糖粉的蛋糕
  • flange 凸緣 (一種零件)
  • squander 浪費、揮霍
    例:Every paycheck squandered on alcohol.
  • convent 修道院、修女住的地方
  • dinnerware 整套的餐具
  • contractor 承包商、立契約的人
  • deconstructivism 解構主義,一種建築主義。
  • droll 逗趣的、好笑的、幽默的
    例:My droll mom.
  • woefully 悲哀地、遺憾地
  • lethal = fatal = deadly 致命的
    例:Please call the police because I'm not the one with the lethal weapon here.
  • detergent 清潔劑
  • lubricate 潤滑、塗油
    例:Get the detergent and lubricate my wrist!
  • limp 軟弱的、無力的
  • flex 彎曲、收縮
    例:Limp! You're flexing! Let it go limp.
  • simmer down = calm down 冷靜
  • effrontery 厚顏無恥、大膽、放肆
    例:Where does he get the effrontery?
  • grand mal 癲癇
    例:He's the boss. Whether he has grand mals or not.
  • bureaucrat 政府官員、官僚
  • passive-aggressive 被動性攻擊,指一個人表面上看似被動,但實際上是主動。例如,有不滿不直接表達,而以消極性作為以表示反抗 (如不合作)。
  • compulsion 強迫、強制
  • sawbuck 十元鈔票、鋸木架
  • rival 競爭者、敵手
  • amicable 和平的、友善的
    Even rival families settled their differences amicably.
  • tempt fate 冒很大的風險
    例:Let's not tempt fate by taxing the heart.
  • MSG = monosodium glutamate 味精
  • undue 未到期的、過度的
    例:Have you been under any undue stress?
  • dermatitis 皮膚炎
  • irritant 刺激性的、刺激物
    例:Dollars to donuts, you're being exposed to an irritant in the air there.
  • cortisone 腎上腺皮質素
  • holler 喊叫
    例:I thought I heard you hollering.
  • racetrack 賽馬場、賽車場
  • fixture 固定物、設備
  • den 洞穴、舒適的房間
    例:You could make a den out of the closet.
  • skim coat 比較高級的牆壁粉刷,摻有石膏和細白沙。
  • lawn 草坪、草地
  • clammy 潮溼的、陰溼的、溼黏的 (指讓人不愉快)
  • arcade 騎樓、拱廊
  • feel sb. up 撫模、愛撫
    例:I remember my Johnny told me she let him feel her up behind the Sons of Italy hall.
  • sewer 汙水管、下水道
    例:If she fell into a sewer pipe, she'd come up holding a gold watch in each hand.
  • acidity 酸、酸味
    例:I can't handle the acidity.
  • obligation 義務、職責
  • loophole 孔、彈孔
  • mellow 成熟的、香醇的
    例:You seem very mellow toady.
  • ceaseless 不停的、不斷的
    例:The individual craves almost ceaseless action which enables them to avoid acknowledging the abhorrent things they do.
  • abhorrent 令人厭惡的、可惡的
  • cathode 陰極
  • self-loathing = self-hatred 極度討厭自己
  • clay pigeon 泥製飛靶


The Sopranos 2x10 - Bust Out 英文筆記

  • windshield 擋風玻璃
    例:The light was reflected off the windshield.
  • heavyset 體格魁武的
  • ragweed 豕草
  • be fed up with sth. 受夠、厭煩
    例:I'm so goddamn fed up with crime.
  • cadet 軍隊新鮮人、剛入伍的菜鳥
  • bow tie 蝶形領結
  • tonnage 噸位、噸位稅
  • township 鎮區
  • picnic cooler (bag) 野餐籃
  • raise a red flag 亮紅燈、出現警訊、可能有危險
    例:Won't it raise a red flag with travel agency?
  • in bulk 大批、大量
    例:A sports store charges airline tickets in bulk?
  • horn 話筒
  • backboard 籃板、靠背板
  • cabana 小屋
  • cap 殺、開槍射殺
    例:Tony capped the Bevilaque kid.
  • boar 公豬、野豬
  • husky 高大健壯的
  • accomplice 幫兇、共犯
  • throw away the key 把牢房的鑰匙丟掉,即處以無期徒刑。
    例:I ought to burn you right now and let the judge throw away the fucking key!
  • nose blowing 擤鼻涕
  • coinage 幣制、創造新字詞
  • procrastinate = postpone 延遲、耽擱、拖延
  • get one's ducks in a row 妥善處理或安排
    例:Let me get our ducks in a row.
  • midlife crisis 中年危機
  • scavenger hunt 一種找尋事先藏好物品的遊戲
  • count noses / heads 點名
  • fence 擊劍、劍術
  • tie up 完結、完成
  • loose end 未完成的事
    例:All right. Next week, my house. We'll tie up the loose ends.
  • glare 照得刺眼、怒視
    例:The light bulb glares the "one" ball when I rack.
  • felt 毛毯、毛布
  • erotic 性感的、挑逗的
    例:I find powerful men erotic.
  • "When your opponent gives you an opening, be swift as a hare." 出自孫子兵法:「敵人開戶,後如脫兔。」
  • lamb chop 羊助骨肉
  • bygone 過去的 (事)
    例:Bygones are never bygones.
  • infested  泛濫的、蔓延的、大批出沒的
    例:That poor prick he had five minutes to run and ended up in some rat infested motel down in Elvis country.
  • lien 留置權、抵押權
    例:I open my mail and it's a lawsuit. It's a lien on the building!
  • preoccupied 出神的、忙碌的、迷住的、心事重重的
    例:Dave's been even more preoccupied than usual lately.
  • wait on one's hand and foot 全心全力照顧某人、服伺
    例:When his wife was dying, he waited on her hand and foot.
  • hostile womb 一種不孕症,有敵意的子宮,免疫系統會攻擊胎兒。
  • rod and reel 釣桿和捲線器
  • back order 賣完了,等待補貨。
    例:You wanted it for Christmas last year, remember? We couldn't get it because it was back-ordered?
  • bittersweet 又苦又甜的、苦樂參半的
  • brat 頑童、搗蛋鬼
  • barricade 阻擋、設置路障、築柵防禦
    例:Do you remember they caught you up at Garret Mountain and had you barricaded in your old man's car, and I whipped that rock and hit that guy in the eye?
  • reminisce 回憶、回想
    例:Don't reminisce on me.
  • The Scorpion and the Frog 寓言故事,蠍子要求青蛙載他過河,並保證不會螫青蛙,但在過河途中,蠍子還是螫了青蛙,結果兩人都死在河裡。死前青蛙問蠍子為什麼這麼做,蠍子回答:"I'm a scorpion, it's my nature."
  • bang 撞擊、猛擊
    例:If I wouldn't have banged my foot, I would've came in second. 如果我沒撞到腳,我早就是第二名了。
  • gourmet 美食家
    例:My wife was a gourmet cook.
  • powder room 化妝室、女廁所、洗手間 (比較高級的)
  • duct tape 膠帶 (銀色的那種)
  • in no shape for 沒有本錢、沒有能力、沒有好的狀況
    例:You're in no shape for disharmony.
  • disharmony 不和諧、不一致
  • tight-lipped 閉緊嘴巴的、保守祕密的、口風緊
    例:Officials close to investigation are keeping tight-lipped as it may involve a high-ranking Mafia member.
  • twist in the wind 在外受風吹雨打,比喻孤立無援,沒有人幫助。
    例:Where were you when I dropped out in the first place? I was twisting in the wind out there.
  • get a broom up/in one's ass/tail 賣命地做、拼命做,例:your broom-up-her-ass sister。
  • saving 存款、儲蓄
  • liquidator 清算人
  • termite 白蟻
  • flip-flop 夾鞋拖鞋
  • controversy 爭論、議論
    例:General George Patton knows that the controversy that have swirled about him have tarnished his reputation. He desperately wants to vindicate himself in the only way he knows how: In battle.
  • tarnish = darken 玷汙、使變暗
  • vindicate = justify 維護、表白、辯護
  • fierce 猛烈的、強烈的、兇猛的
    例:Patton's hatred for the enemy is matched only by his fierce concern for his men.
  • cliché 陳腔濫調、老生常談、老套
    例:That's kind of a cliché, isn't it?
  • disparaging = belittling = derogating = denigrating 輕視的、蔑視的
    例:I didn't mean to sound disparaging.
  • dodge a bullet 成功避開危險
    例:I dodged a very big bullet, and I'm feeling pretty good about it.
  • spinal cord 脊髓
  • poster boy / child 公益活動 (如某疾病基金會) 宣傳單或海報上的人或小孩,以鼓勵人捐款或發起某活動。
  • harbor master 港口的管理員
  • horsepower 馬力
  • starboard 右舷、船的右側;larboard 左舷


The Sopranos 2x09 - From Where to Eternity 英文筆記

  • spleen 脾臟、壞脾氣
  • His Holiness 教宗的敬稱
  • agony 痛苦、折磨
    例:I want that motherfucker in agony!
  • ICU = Intensive Care Unit 加護病房
  • give birth 生產
    例:She just gave birth to Ralph's baby. A C-section.
  • C-section = Cesarean section 剖腹產 (手術)
  • CK One 香水牌子
  • stink up = smell up 弄臭、使發臭
    例:Maybe it has to something to do with the CK One sticking up your shirt last Wednesday night.
  • vasectomy 結紮、輸精管切除手術
  • put sb. at risk 置於風險之中、使處於危險中
    例:You're putting us all at risk.
  • V one's ass off 形容努力地做某事
    例:They're working their asses off on him.
  • be up on 精通、通曉、熟悉
    例:This is the best trauma unit in Tri-State area. I'm up on all the ratings.
  • cardiac 心臟的
  • respiratory 呼吸的
  • arrest 停止
    例:Mr. Moltisanti suffered cardiac and respiratory arrest due to internal bleeding.
  • intubate 插管
  • ventilator 通風設備、呼吸器
  • bouncer 守衛 (守在活動門外的大塊頭)
  • emerald 翡翠
  • piper 風笛手
  • morphine 嗎啡
  • pinstripe 細條紋 (的布料)
  • spay 切除卵巢、絕育
  • pry 打聽、刺探、窺探、窺視
    例:I'm not trying to pry into that part of your life.
  • near death experience 瀕死經驗
  • Pol Pot 波帕,柬埔寨的獨裁者。
  • floodgate 水閘、水門
  • hive 蜂窩、蜂巢、鬧區
  • crook 賊、罪犯、彎曲的東西
  • wind chime 風鈴
  • flip out 發狂、發瘋、暴怒、生氣
  • event manager 活動主管 (負責承辦活動)
  • baffle 困惑、煩惱、為難
    例:I'm battled by this three o'clock thing.
  • goon 笨蛋、呆子
  • bud 花蕾、芽、萌芽,例:buds for horns。
  • dispute 爭論、反對、質疑
    例:The heat would have been the first thing you noticed. Hell is hot. That's never been disputed by anybody.
  • purgatory 淨化的地方、煉獄、滌罪
  • mortal sin 不可饒恕的大罪
  • venial sin 可饒恕的輕罪
  • can do sth. standing on one's head 比喻很輕鬆或很熟練,站在頭上都可以做。
    例:I can do that standing on my head.
  • deliberately 故意地、蓄意地、從容不迫地、有條理地
    例:Did I do it deliberately?
  • facile 容易的、口才好的
  • analogy 類比、類似、相似
  • never-never land 夢想之地、想像的地方
    例:I'm living in a mortal never-never land with this patient.
  • feel for sb. = feel sorry for sb. 同情、感到遺憾
  • courtesy 禮貌、謙恭有禮
    例:It's a common courtesy.
  • the odds don't favor it 機會不會偏坦
  • repent 悔改、懺悔
    例:You have to look at this experience as an opportunity to repent.
  • intact 原封不動的、完整的
    例:I got balls, and I as long as I do, they will remain intact.
  • Trajan 保險套品牌
  • heir 後嗣、繼承人
    例:I'm supposed to get a vasectomy when this is my male heir?
  • den 洞穴、獸穴,例:lion's den
  • satanic 撒旦的、惡魔的
  • queer = fagot 同性戀 (有貶意)
  • ringleader 頭目、首領、元兇
  • write off 註銷、取消 (債務)、行雲流水地寫
    例:I was ready to write the whole thing off until this psychic mentioned Little Sonny Pagano.
  • Ghostbusters 降妖伏魔的人、電影《魔鬼特攻隊》
  • cut loose = release = set free
  • on spec 做不確定會得到報酬的事情、投機
    例:Sean did it on spec.
  • parish 教區
  • divination 占卜、算命、預言
  • unsanctioned 未核准的
    例:You should've never gone to a psychic. It's divination, it's the devil, and completely unsanctioned by the church.
  • heretic 異教徒、異端
  • witchcraft 巫術、魔法
    例:Psychics are heretics and thieves who practice witchcraft. There's no validity to anything he told you.
  • validity 正確性、有效性
  • organ 風琴
  • reed 蘆葦、樂器的吹嘴
  • slack off 鬆懈、偷懶
    例:You've been slaking off on me. You left me unprotected. I'm cutting you off for good.
  • snip 喀嚓、剪斷